1. B

    Newbie buyer

    Hi all. I hope you all are well in the current situation.. Both myself and my wife are looking at buying a property in Fethiye to use , it will only be for us and family, no rental income whatsoever.. - its will fundamentally be a family home. I have seen the thread about buying there and the...
  2. M

    Hello, newbie here

    Hi, hoping to introduce myself and looking for any advice. Looking to move to kusudasi in the next few months and looking to rent first. Hobbies sleeping, lying in a garden with a drink, watching awful tv and walks on the beach (drunk) . My iPad is my best friend as we frolic through the many...
  3. D


    Hi All Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Kin, and I am from Manchester, England. English language isn't my native language, so please go easy on me if I started to mumble and making grammatical errors! I have always fancied a sea view property in Spain thanks to a program called "A...
  4. J

    Newbie in need of advice

    Hi All total newbie to site. Looking for lots of answers too so many questions, but basics first. Looking at selling up in UK and buying an apartment in or around Side, Holidayed in the area 2/3 times each year for last 5 years (visited other areas in the last 20 odd years) but so much...
  5. A

    Newbie but have been here before!

    Hi I used to be registered sometime ago but couldn’t remember my login details! Anyway I’m happy to be here again. I did have a villa at San Cop but due to personal circumstances unfortunately had to part with it 😢. I’m back visiting after 5 years and have fallen in love with it all over again...
  6. C

    Not so newbie

    Hi folks A lot of you will know me, I have been living in Kusadasi for 10.5 years and have been reading the topics in the forum for a long time, there are some very helpful comments and adivce which I have enjoyed reading. Looking forward to chatting in the future.
  7. R


    :Newbie Hello everyone I am new on here and looking to make friends in Turkey. I visit bodrum area a few times a year.
  8. G

    Old Newbie

    Good Morning Everyone, I have been a member since 2010 not very active though and I live between Didim and Maveshir. Have been here for two years.I am just seeing if I have got the hang of putting a message on the forum,as I am not sure if I am doing it...
  9. D

    newbie looking for some help (van to turkey)

    Hi, Just wondered if someone could offer some advice as we are would like to transport some of our furniture to our villa in Turkey but it seems a bit daunting for a newb.. We want to move our personal furniture from the uk to the fethiye area - I know it might be easier to buy new in Turkey...
  10. S


    Hi to all I have lived in Turkey for 4 years and have enjoyed my time here particularly the sunshine. we have dogs and enjoy walking them like most people we socialize in the local bars and have many friends we look forward to reading the posts and joining the discussions Thanks for accepting...
  11. L

    a newbie to da forum

    I am just dropping by to say hello! I have been visiting turkey for many years and now we are thinking about up and moving to Turkey to live. Current politics are worrying us? also cons etc? any advice will be greatly appreciated to us to make an informed decision hence joining the forum so...
  12. M

    Newbie loving this forum!

    Hi everyone, it was such a joy to find this forum. Me and my husband (and 3 young sons) are currently owners of a caravan on a lovely holiday park in Essex. Owners for 10 years we've loved every min, but boy have I missed going abroad!! Now my youngest has turned 4, we've booked to go Majorca in...
  13. W

    Another newbie here.

    Hello to everyone,just found the forum yesterday after a Google search. We have a house in Dalyan(bought it last year),and try to get over there at least 3 times a year.Spent a week there recently and can't wait until May when we next fly out there!
  14. Bigdaddy

    Forum newbie

    Hi everyone - new to forum international jet setter ( i wish) more like amazon bargain hunter..LOL Hope to share and engage..oh baby
  15. B

    hello newbie here :)

    hi my name is fran
  16. M

    newbie morena

    Hello friends ! Morena on board .. glad to be in this site .. :biggrin:
  17. J

    Hi everyone from a newbie

    After 3 holidays in Turkey we have taken the plunge and are buying a place in Tulza. Got ripped off with "The Village" complex but found another one just up the hill "Tulza Park Resort" hope things go a bit better.
  18. M

    Hi there! Another newbie....

    Hi everyone, I am an aussie living in Istanbul for work- 5 years now. I stayed in Bodrum last summer and are lucky enough to return again this summer. I was hoping to find some other young (young-ish :-P I'm in my early 30's) foreign girls or guys living or staying in Bodrum over July and...
  19. B

    newbie here!!

    Hi Peeps We're a 50's cpl who have just holidayed in Didim and visited Akbuk. We loved it all and especially the warm friendly people so much that we looked at several houses and want to retire in Akbuk. Would love some tips and help from anyone with some experience. In particular our SKY tv...
  20. K

    Kerry Jewel Newbie Here!!!

    My name is Kerry Jewel. I am new here and Glad to be a part of the community. Hoping to have a lovely time with ya all, Heard a lot about this forum but never had a chance to get myself registered. Well here I am at last.. Regards Kerry Jewel
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