1. kemerkid

    Replacing Mozzie Nets

    I have heard in the past on this forum people asking about fly screen net replacement and where to find people to do this. Why not do it yourself, it's a snap. The following few posts will show you how easy it is and how few tools you will need. The screen I have shown took 90 minutes in the...
  2. L

    Mossie Nets

    Where is the best place to buy mossie nets and is it easy to fit yourself? I only need 3 on windows that passing cats seem to want to get in through. We had one fitted on a bedroom window by our management company which is fine but wondered if its cheaper to do ourselves. I do mean the whole...
  3. Ann Wills

    Mosquito nets, Altinkum!

    Hi,I would like to have some of these screen fitted when I come out this month. Can anyone give me an idea of costs in Altinkum? Dont want to be paying over the odds that is why I am asking on here. Thankyou.:help::help:
  4. C

    Mosquito nets

    :car:Hi All, going out soon and need to get mossie nets fitted. I know many of you have these any tips on where to shop? Don't want to waste all week sorting this out. Regards Karen
  5. ceemac

    Premier League nets £1.4bn TV rights bonanza

    Global broadcasting deals double in value after bidding war, shattering expectations / Clubs in line for extra £13m each per year. Here C
  6. G

    mossie nets

    hi ,just wondered if anyone knew of a reasonable(not stupid prices)place i could get a couple of window and a door net done .did get a quote for the door last time i was out ,but think he was taking the pee !! thanks
  7. K

    Mosquito Nets

    Hi All, I am looking to get mosquito nets fitted to our place, does anyone know who makes or supplies them in the Tuzla area. I would prefer the type that opens and closes on the doors and are detachable from the window frames if anyone knows where I can look to get them made I would...
  8. B

    Mosquito nets

    Hello does anyone have any idea of the cost of mosquito netting a 3 bed villa? I appreciate there will be variables depending on the amount of windows/doors etc, but some idea would be good. If anyone knows a reputable provider, I'd be appreciative of contact details. thanks Bev
  9. Andy

    Mosquito Nets For Sale

    These will be sold in Lidl's from the 14th April if anyones interested. Mosquito Net Supplied with practical hanging loop to attach to the ceiling. Suitable for up to double size beds. Drop (m): 2.5. Ø of ring (cm): 65 Price per item £3.99.
  10. sunshine

    DIY mozzie nets.....

    Does anyone know if migros or any other retailer,sell DIY mozzie nets? Has anyone tried these,if so are they easy to put up and do they do the job? or are we waisting our time and would we be better of getting them made. We have been quoted £54.00 for 3 windows,is it a lot cheaper to do it...

    Mossy nets

    Hi All Just came back from Lidl and found they have mossy nets there for windows, doors and bed covers. Window and door nets only £1-99 :wallbash:
  12. N

    Mosquito nets

    Hi , new to Turkey , Altinkum and the forum ! I've been quoted two hundred quid for mozzienets for the windows and doors in my apartment in Altinkum , but want to cut out the middle man! Can anyone advise me where to go to get a quote locally? Nanoo from North Wales
  13. M


    hi can anyone tell me were you could get mossies nets for the screen type that fit the outside of windows and are they easily fitted, cheers michael
  14. Phil Johns

    mosquito nets & Stuff

    Hi all firstly I would like to thank and offer my support to Mark for his help over the recent dealing I and my freind Frankie who recently took up residencey local to Mark have had, But I have to say it is another example of why we want to escape the UK, because it is just like our politicians...
  15. A

    Window Shutters and mosi nets

    Can anyone suggest a good company in Akbuk for roller shutters I would like to keep the business in Akbuk but Altinkum would be fine . We did get a price from one place in Akbuk(on the lefthand side going in from Altinkum) but we can only have brown on our site and he only does brown in...
  16. P

    Mosquito Nets

    Hi Dose anyone know how much it cost(approx) to have Mossy Nets fitted to a 2 bed apartment we are over in Turkey in 3 weeks would just like an idea. Kind Regards Pauline
  17. G

    mozzie nets

    [8D]does any one know anyone who fits mozzie nets to doors windows?[?]
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