1. hayabusa

    Mamaris Net

    Does anyone know or have phone and e-mail for Mamaris net ?... I have been trying to get hold of Hakan on e-mail I have and cannot get through to him. I am assuming he has changed his e-mail and phone number.....
  2. E

    Rumours going around on the net RTE

    There has been rumours going around on the net for a few hours that RTE has had a heart attack . Sibel Edmonds
  3. paddington bear

    Tt net

    Has anybody had problems with the speed of TT Internet lately. For the past few days mine has been like a tortoise. Sue
  4. D

    Captains net tp link do I

    So just had captains net fitted and they use a TP link modem . I can't get onto my perfect player as it has some form of firewall protected and needs changing so I can access it .....i did it in UK with my bt account modem . Does anybody know how to please
  5. paddington bear

    TT Net Service

    Does anyone have a number for me to call for service from TT Net as I have a problem with the internet and mobile phone. The number I have is 4440375 - press 9 for English but everything is in Turkish, Just wondering if their number has changed. Thanks. Sue
  6. J

    TT Net Contract

    I have a 2 year contract with TT Net for internet and telephone. It expires in July 2017. However, due to unforseen circumstances I will have to return to my own country in July this year...thus leaving 1 year on the current contract. Anybody know am I able to cancel it with TT Net, or if not...
  7. suzyq

    Turkish Airlines reports TL 410 mln net loss for 2015

    Turkey's national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) posted a net loss of TL 410 million in 2015, the company's provisional tax declaration has revealed. The declaration, sent by THY to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on Monday, showed that the company recorded a net loss of nearly half a...
  8. shirleyanntr

    child porn on the net

    the UK government say they are going to tackle child pornography on the internet...not before time. The two child murders in the uk recently were done by men who had been looking at pictures and videos of children being abused ..and they went on to enact what they had seen. There must be...
  9. altinkum kev

    Free tablet from TT NET.

    Free Acer Tablet like ipad from TTNET. For those of you that do not yet know TT NET are giving away a Acer ipad if you sign a new 2 year subscription ,it does not matter if your last deal has anytime left as they will restart from your next due payment day, in the deal you get free international...
  10. D

    window net curtains-alanya area....

    Hello everyone, I am looking for window nets curtains and blinds if anyone is selling cheap please let me know thanks :) ALANYA AREA......
  11. M

    Mossy net cleaning tip

    I am all for making life easier so I want to share a tip on cleaning the dust off the mosquito nets. They get sooooooo dusty and are a nightmare to clean but if you have a swimming pool (or your neighbour doesnt use theirs at 3am lol) simply dip them in after you have finished using it for the...
  12. maggie

    Net book help.

    Turn my net book on and it says your computter has been shut down for power failure etc etc start up in safe mode or last known configuration . So then it starts up but goes back to that page again . Any ideas please ??????? Hugs Maggie xx
  13. gizmo

    Surfing the net in europe

    (Reuters) - Almost a quarter of the European Union's 500 million people have never used the Internet and there is a widening division between the web-savvy north of Europe and the poorer south and east, figures released on Wednesday showed. More than half the population of Romania and just...
  14. A

    Best Forum on the net

    This is without doubt the best forum on the net. From sound advice for owners like us hoping to spend more time in Turkey through political debate to health matters and onto chit chat about the price of beer it's becoming part of our day to check you good people out. Thank you all again Andrew...
  15. C

    tt net contract

    How long do you have to have a contract with TTnet? Can you just have it for a couple of months?
  16. arrian

    buying net book-help needed

    i'm buying a netbook today to take to the hospital when i go for my chemo, (10 hour visit), but i'm completely thick when it comes to anything to do with computers. obviously i've already got broadband, but i want to add the netbook, and also use it away from home, is this an easy option? i...
  17. D

    have new laptop and hd tv so want net connection

    Whats the best way of getting into the uk tv system via my new set up?--i know an ip address is needed--what site is recommended and how much will i expect to pay? at the moment i have digiturk and dont need sports coverage but want basic bbc and itv--much to the consternation of my Turkish wife!!
  18. val2661

    Tt net problems again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is anyone experiencing problems with TT Net? For the past 10 days my internet has been patchy and very very slow. When I've rang the help desk at TT Net and pressed 9 for English, I get a recorded message in Turkish!!! I am now at a stage where I'm ready to throw the bloody modem out of the...
  19. ceemac

    Internet Users In Turkey Spend 8 Hours Surfing On Net Per Week

    8 hrs a week?? They obviously didn't study some of you lot :hehe: 'Director General of Google Marketing for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, Mustafa Icil, said Monday internet users in Turkey spend an average of eight hours surfing on the net per week.' Here C
  20. val2661

    Price Of Net Curtains

    Today I went into TAC on 25 Metre Street in Alanya to get prices for voile/net curtains for my new house. I was quoted 1750 YTL for 3 windows!! They are 2 metre wide patio windows. I was under the impression that TAC was not too expensive, but for sheer curtains I thought that was...
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