1. S

    Nervous flyers

    Are there any other frightened fliers out there? On my last flight we had pretty bad turbulence I ŵas sh1t scared and still rattled by it 2 days after getting home Bloody hate flying
  2. I

    Nervous Disposition

    Dont read this if like me your scared of flying,a Qantas flight from London to Melbourne had to make emergency landing at manilla airport.A loud bang was heard and the aircraft dived from 28000ft to 10000ft the oxygen masks dropped down and a great wind noise was heard.A 3 metre hole in the...
  3. Sniffy

    Just back today...Delighted and nervous!

    I'm back! After months of research and homework I whittled my house search down to 2 potential developers in 2 v different areas, along with 1 or two private re-sales- My house hunt trip went well, the first part spent in Mahmutlar, travelled up to Fethiye for the w/end ..and back down again...
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