1. beyazbayan


    Nemrut YouTube İ can see this mountain from my kitchen balcony in ou Adiyaman house. İ have climbed it several times both for sun-rise and sun-set well worth the effort and now they have a mule train for those that cannot manage the climb.
  2. P

    Cappadocia to Mardin Part 5 Mt. Nemrut to Şanlıürfa

    Thursday 6th May. Trip to Mt. Nemrut. And so on to Mt Nemrut. We got up early for breakfast so we could check out and be ready for our nine o’clock pick up. Looking at my bulging suitcase, beside Sean’s neat little one, I realised he was right, I had brought too much stuff again. I had brought...
  3. VWBug

    Mount NEMRUT

    At the junction of the East and West civilisations, Nemrut Dagi (Mount Nemrut) is one of the most astounding sites in Turkey: A collection of colossal statues on a remote mountain 2150m high, adorning the temple and tomb of King Antiochus. Unknown until 1881 when an Ottoman geologist discovered...
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