1. Camden

    Irish couple beaten by neighbours

    Irish couple beaten by neighbours after disagreement turns violent in Turkey’s Didim An Irish couple who settled in the western Turkish holiday town of Didim over a decade ago has been forced out of their home after their neighbours targeted them in a violent campaign of harassment. Robert...
  2. Sunny Seasider


    We love our neighbours of almost 20 years, we have seen their 3 lovely girls grow up, they are now 21,17 & 13. We don't live in each others pockets but, always look out for each other, holiday times, take parcels in etc; Today was for us the act of a good neighbourly relationship that, as a...
  3. mamish

    Neighbours from hell!

    After reading this, I realise how blessed we are with our neighbours! Republic of Turkish violence - BLIND SPOT
  4. J

    Nuisance Neighbours Sitesi Laws

    If there are one set of nieghbours who live on a sitesi (of 21 houses) who are a constant nuisance is there anything that can be done about them.By beeing a nuisance i mean constantly fighting argueing and screaming till 4am in the morning and police coming out all the time.When i say constantly...
  5. H

    new to forum looking to meet neighbours

    :224xb:my name is Hilary and l have recently moved to Bodrum from Istanbul I have lived in Turkey for thr past 4 years My husband is Turkish and l am English. I really enjoy Turkish life and apart from missing family l dont miss England. We tnew to the area and intend to buy a home in this area...
  6. H

    Issue with British neighbours

    Help- I own property in the Didim area, I holiday there as does my fmaily and close friends. My neighbours are British: 1. They have rented out my apartment behind my back and therefore stole electric and water from me. 2. The male has a history of violence in UK and Turkey and has done time...
  7. E

    Neighbours from hell!

    Since buying this flat in 2008 (at the top of the market) I've had nothing but hassle. The house is a beautiful historic building in the centre of Istanbul and should be lovely to live in, but the common parts were completely neglected when i bought it. I asked the vendor when certain urgent...
  8. S

    Noisey Neighbours

    What matters including legal can be used to stop neighbours making noise at unsociable hours.We have to put up with banging doors & moving furniture around from 7am,loud music from 8am & banging shut front doors all day long.These are long term renters in 2 properties & we have asked for them to...
  9. culturevulture

    Neighbours at Lifestyle Residence????

    Hi, As some of you may know, in November of last your, I bought a two bed apartment Didim in the LifestyleResidence. So far so good. I hope to have my Tapu in April as the builder expects to have Hab Cert this month. I was over there for ten days recently and the builder was round everyday. He...
  10. Andywebb

    helping our neighbours

    I am wondering if any members that fly into Dalaman and then go to Fethiye can help me. We have friends that live in the same apt building as us but they come from London on holiday. Their normal route is London to Anatalya then onto Alanya. This time they are doing some sight seeing and flying...
  11. Summertime

    My neighbours in Didim

    Now, when I am in Hospital, no worry, going home tomorrow, I am thinking of my nice friendly neighbours in Didim, and I will tell a story, my last visit was in September. One day I was sitting outside, the youg girl from upstairs came down, none of them speak English, I thought she was very...
  12. slavomir

    Neighbours akkaya gardens

    HI all members, I am looking for neighbours from akkaya gardens.Is there somebody who already bought in akkaya gardens development or going to soon,please? We are going there in September.I heard they are few Dutchmen and few Englishmen.Is it correct? Cheers Slavo
  13. carolk

    Lovely Turkish neighbours

    As you probably know I am moving house re other posts and the one about cleaning marble floors. I have asked questions one here and had a few gripes so I though I would share my good fortune with you also. I bought an old Turkish house on a koop, 20 years old. It has none of the problems I...
  14. madturkishcow

    Small world or meet the neighbours!

    This has to be very strange.......Yesterday evening whilst flitting around the forum,I entered the chat room and found a person called Emerald Lady. Now me being the friendly soul that I am :kafa: asked if she was indeedy from Ireland and that we had a few members there including Doreen, Wiuru...
  15. B

    Neighbours in Turkey

    There has been a lot in the British press about anti-social or noisy neighbours. What is the situation like in Turkey? Has anybody had to put up with excessive noise in their holiday flats or homes?
  16. R

    kusadasi neighbours

    where is your apartment in kusadasi?
  17. lorraine

    Kalkan members, find your neighbours

    Hello to all our Kalkan members. Now you have your own forum it would be nice to hear of the places that have attracted you to the area. What are the bars/restaurants like? local places of interest etc.. look forward to your post, you never know you could meet your neighbours.
  18. R

    neighbours 2nd beach

    we would like to know all ex pats in the 2nd beach area in order to strike up a social association with everyone as i hear that the winter months can be long and lonely as all the holidaymakers have deserted thye area
  19. merlin

    Find out how much your neighbours house went for....

    Enjoy! Merv!
  20. Mushtaq

    Marmaris Neighbours

    Marmarsis group
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