1. M

    Paperwork needed for marriage

    Hi, I am looking at what information a uk citizen with residency in Turkey would need to get married in Turkey. I have heard it’s a certificate of non impediment and has to have an apostille. Does anyone know how or where I would get this from please. Any information would be much appreciated...
  2. H

    Dentist needed

    Hey fellas. I am an expat and I am looking for a doctor in the EU side preferably a one who can speak some English. What are my options ?
  3. E

    Computer help needed.

    When I write anything for searches ex lf I press g bg comes up, or the letter's swop places. Ex if I spell dog it comes out dobg. Please comes out plesq. Any help would be grateful
  4. A89

    Advİce needed!

    Hı guys. Im in the middle of a negotiation for my apartment. Can you please tell me who legally pays what please? Theyre takıng me massively down on the purchase price so ı plan to tell them ıll only accept ıf they agree to pay all taxs and fees. What do they have to pay? are the taxes the...
  5. suecheshireuk

    Help .... Travel insurance needed.

    We are off on a cruise in January central America (ish) and the only cover we seem to be able to get living here in Turkey is max 30,000 euros cover, and payment for any treatment is paid by us, and claimed back later. We are looking at better cover and only want to pay the excess, and the...
  6. S

    Urgent help needed Can any one help donate a little or a lot to help this British lady who had a serious accident recently in Alanya. Sadly she was uninsured and the hospital is kicking her...
  7. C

    Noter needed!

    I need my rental agreement to be notarized for my RP permit. How much will this cost, where can I find a noter and do I need to make an appointment? Thanks in advance :)
  8. E

    info needed on Alanya internet

    Can anyone help we met someone who is looking for internet, you can turn on only when they come over on Holiday to their apt ,in the Alanya oba area .
  9. M

    Help needed

    Hello I would like some advice I have a baby with Turkish man, baby was born in January 2017 the dads name is not on the birth certificate. me and my husband got married June 2017. I lived in turkey for a little and was going on holiday to England I am a British citizen, I came to England...
  10. Neil_Denizli

    Cleaning Ninja Needed Bodrum Area

    Just retaken possession of my villa after 3 years rental - and I need a cleaner who isn't afraid to get his or her hands dirty. Not talking sweeping and mopping here - more a really deep clean - insides of cupboards, plug sockets and switches, cracks with accumulated dirt, fridge. Though I'd...
  11. mollag

    St Stephens Day players needed.

    Fancy a go at the Cammag? The Wren has been hunted so it's down to the Fairfield, bring your own stick. Cammag (Manx pronunciation: [kʰamaɡ][1]) is a team sport originating on the Isle of Man. It is closely related to the Scottish game of shinty and is similar to the Irish game of hurling. Once...
  12. bickern

    48 letters needed.

    Well two resignations so far, so will there be more? I wonder if the 48 letters will shortly arrive. I would be up for it if could be sure Boris was out, as I cringe every time I picture him. JRM I like as a personality but a bit straight laced for my liking. So thinking of stalking horses and...
  13. S

    Anything needed from the uk

    I’m pretty sure I’m screwed in my hotel choice, I’m sure you’re going to give it to me but I’m staying at the Ramadam I think I may have a few days to change if you can help?
  14. suecheshireuk

    Man with a van needed, or suggestions

    Yet another hurdle ... we plan to bring three large suitcases, and a large box, containing a Christmas tree over in September, now, any ideas how we can get them from Antalya airport down to Fethiye area ? Initially we thought of a big taxi to the otogar to pick up the Pamukkale bus, but if...
  15. K

    Help needed

    Hi All Dose anyone have the email address for the marriage officer in the Yenimahalle district of Ankara I believe the marriage officer is called, Devran Bozkurt. Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Andybutt

    Carpenter needed - Bodrum area

    Hi all Anybody know of a decent carpenter/cabinet maker in the Bodrum area? Looking at having some fitted wardrobes built. Thanks Andy
  17. B

    2 years expired on my car, advice needed

    Hi everybody, Looking for some advice. When we came into Turkey in March 2016 with car, my passport was stamped with a small picture of a car and dated 1/3/2018. No problem with that and it was the change in the law which allowed you to have a UK registered car in Turkey for 2 years. However...
  18. Freedom 49

    Permanent Loving Home Needed

    This little man will be in need of a loving 'Forever Home' an another week's time He was brought into me by a young Dutch couple last Wednesday in a very pitiful state. His left eye was totally destroyed and virtually out of its socket and the other was stuck tightly closed with gunk. Off to...
  19. S

    Microwave and built in oven needed.

    Hello I am moving from a furnished place in Ovacik to a semi furnished place in Tuzla Fethiye,by Tuesday market. I need to buy a microwave and a built in cooker, I dont mind if its second hand or new. However, I am not microwave or cooker savvy and dont know really what im looking for..or where...
  20. D

    Builder / Plasterer Needed

    Hi Following the recent and ongoing earthquakes I need my BBQ and chimney removed approx 5 metres high (currently not quite attached to the external wall) and the wall made good. Also some internal tiling, plastering and painting. I need to get 2 quotes for my Insurance Company? Can anyone...
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