1. bickern

    Spacecraft Nears Pluto After Nine-Year Trip

    Nasa's spacecraft New Horizons is finally drawing close to Pluto almost nine years after setting off on the three-billion-mile journey from Earth. Pluto is around 3.67 billion miles from the Sun and, when it was discovered in 1930, it was the planet furthest from the solar system's centre. New...
  2. S

    New season nears

    Well we are into Feb now so maybe only 6/8 weeks until new season if us holiday makers going on our annual pilgrimage to our beloved Turkey. Are members already making plans for must dos in their 2014 season?
  3. kemerkid

    As 2014 nears.

    There seems to be a commonly held belief that as one year ends and another dawns our fortunes will change for the better. Well tomorrow sees the start of a new one, so long may that belief continue. Happy New Year to everyone.
  4. Andy

    Hurricane Gordon nears UK.

    Hurricane Gordon is on it's way (update) Parts of the UK are facing the risk of localised flooding as the tail-end of a hurricane makes its way towards Britain. Northern Ireland and Scotland will be worst hit when Hurricane Gordon arrives on British shores. The storm is set to bring heavy...
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