1. O

    Nearest town with bars and shopping to Turquoise resort?

    Can anyone give some local info. I know there are 2 bars outside the turquoise (sunset and ocean view). Where is the nearest town with bars and clothes it Gulluk? We went to Bodrum last night but the dolmus took us 50mins and the taxi back was 120tl so I'm trying to see if...
  2. J

    nearest place to renew 90 day visa

  3. christella

    nearest church please, to Akbuk

    we are off to Akbuk tomorrow my brother/sister in law are coming with us who are true christians and go to church regular is there any where near akbuk they can go thanks
  4. R

    See who's nearest

    So the race is on , lets see who can get nearest to the actual result. My prediction is, Conservative win, overall majority 17.
  5. C

    Nearest Koctas to Dalyan ?

    Hello, Can anyone please tell me where the nearest Koctas is to Dalyan and is it worth a visit ? I am looking to buy garden furniture and bits to furnish my new home (lighting, microwave, rugs, safe etc). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Curlywurly
  6. J

    Turkish Bath Nearest To Turgutreis

    I'll be out with my children in July and I've promised to take them to a good Turkish bath. I've been to some great ones in Bodrum and Gumbet but are there any in or closer to Turgutreis? The only place I can think to try are either La Blanche or Aegean Dream. Does anyone know anywhere...
  7. G

    Nearest hospital to Yalikavak?

    Hi all, Does anybody know the nearest hospital to Yalikavak with an A & E type service? Going out there on Sunday with my 18m old daughter and 6 month pregnant wife so would sleep easier if I knew where to find one. Greg
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