1. Tommie

    Flying lessons - Navigation

    Is navigation one of the topics required to gain a pilot's licence? Apparently, a Sumatran pilot got confused on his way to Indonesia and landed at the wrong airport! He landed at Tabing instead of Padang. More... Maybe he did not update his satnav.
  2. Andy

    Free Mobile Navigation

    Seems like it's just Nokia Mobile Phones see link below. Nokia UK - On your mobile and online ? Ovi Maps
  3. whirley

    TomTom Satellite Navigation In Turkey

    hi peeps we have just returned from three weeks in calkaya antalya and before we left we purchased a TomTom sat nav and also a Turkish satelite map. this made our visit and the use of our hire car an absolute pleasure, i knew which lane to be in (even though nobody else did LOL), we found...
  4. ggildas

    Navigation Bar

    Hi When I login at home I get User CP, FAQ......However, when I login at work I get a different set of navigation buttons. These include Since last visit, mark all forums read.......??????? Why? Gildas
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