1. the bueman

    SAT NAV on your Phone

    Hi Guys Came across this app while looking for a replacement Sat Nav for a friend who had his swiped. I like the idea of this and I am wondering has anyone installed or used this app or something similar they could recommend.....I use a Garmin Nuvi with Lifetime Updates and maps UK & Ireland...
  2. christella

    sat nav

    got to be the cheapest i have seen just bought one 7" Truck GPS Navigation Lorry Coach SAT NAV 4GB HGV LGV UK EU Map POI SpeedCam | eBay
  3. christella

    sat nav

    just had to share this got to be one of the cheapest and best sat nav from china only took 6 days to get here had a problem getting the turkish map emailed them and got all the european maps and turkey read the reviews Sat Nav with Multimedia Player Europe and UK maps, 4GB:
  4. Mushtaq

    Sat nav failure could 'cause loss of life'

    UK 'dangerously dependent on GPS' (UKPA) – 6 hours ago The UK is already "dangerously dependent" on the GPS satellite navigation system, a report by engineers has claimed. Back-up systems are often inadequate, while equipment which can illegally jam systems is easily and cheaply available...
  5. O

    Sat Nav

    How well do Sat Nav devices work in Turkey? Any known issues or problems?
  6. Andy

    Cheapest UK Sat Nav £40

    ROADCOM RC410 GPS Sat Nav System | Dixons |
  7. S

    Sat Nav

    Can anyone recommend the best sat nav for driving from UK to Turkey - was looking at the Garmin Nuvi 1690 but it says it just has major cities in Turkey - thanks
  8. chrissypaul

    Sat nav help

    Any one know of a decent sat nav for sale.....mine is f****d. It says manchester is still in europe...! :24:
  9. Martyn

    Sat Nav

    Out of curiosity I entered tw@t in my Sat Nav and I'm now outside 10 Downing Street :lol: :p
  10. A

    sat nav to turkey from uk

    hi can anyone recommend a good sat nav system that we can buy that will direct us from uk to turkey
  11. N

    Sat nav - turkey

    This article appeared in todays Hurriyet: "Garmin introduces its advanced maps" ISTANBUL - The Turkey distributor of Garmin, a navigation and communication tools company, has announced that the firm is introducing three-dimension navigation maps in Turkey. I posted this thread as I seem...
  12. S

    sat nav for Turkey

    Does anybody please know of a make and model of a sat nav that will navigate me from the UK to Turkey? I have a Tom Tom One and you cant even get a map going to Turkey for it so was wondering if anyone has used one to get to Turkey and its been reliable and if so what was it
  13. spitfire

    Navigo GPS Sat Nav Unit £49.99

    Navigo GPS Sat Nav Unit £49.99..... Plus free delivery when you select 5 day delivery on this product Product Features 3.5" Colour Touchscreen Long-life rechargeable battery built-in User Friendly software and interface Instant route calculation - make a wrong turning, instant route...
  14. jnj

    Sat Nav

    Sorry if this thread has been covered before. Our daughter, Jennifer is coming to Kus to stay at our place for a holiday with her friends. Sean, the guy who is going to drive, would like to know if his Sat Nav will work. Its a good quality european model ( dont ask me what , I still navigate...
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