1. K

    Amazing natural phenomena

    Is there room or interest for a thread / posts on extraordinary natural happenings? Try this for a start. An explanation for ghosts seen outside, perhaps?
  2. giglets

    Natural Justice?

    One convicted killer tries to kill another convicted killer - caught on CCTV - CCTV images show moment evil race hate killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid was left for dead in savage prison gym attack 27 Oct 2013 07:08 THE footage shows the moment Shahid, serving life for the brutal murder of...
  3. Firefox

    Bin Laden Natural death

    CIA Agents have confirmed that Sheik Osama Bin-Mohamad Bin Laden did pass did die of Natural Causes 5 years ago. Thats why the usa Can not produce any photos. HERE Osama bin Laden not killed by US, claims former CIA agent | The Nation
  4. Y

    hayfever - any local natural remedies for this?

    After 60 odd years without experiencing this, I developed hayfever at this time of year a couple of years ago. Its just back again this year. I wondered if anyone knows of any natural remedies to help this. I get pink swollen sore eyes, violent sneezing, itchy and runny nose. Remedy needs...
  5. D

    İs there natural gas in Kusadasi?

    İ was reading some details of property in Kusadasi and i noticed that one stated it had dogal gas and was wondering if this was just Hype or reality? İf so, what parts of the city have got it and are there plans to extend it throughout the city--one day i want to retire to somewhere so its a...
  6. Peaceplant

    Tackling Cancer with natural remedies

    Whilst I would not suggest abandoning conventional treatments I think there is a place for alternative treatments in prevention and treatment of this frightening disease - and it doesn't have to be expensive! Beat cancer on a shoestring budget
  7. Peaceplant

    High Blood Pressure - natural treatments

    I have had high blood pressure for years and the funny thing is no matter which drugs the Dr gives me it doesn't ever get down to normal. To be fair I have a great Dr who has sent me for countless tests to find out where it stems from so we can get to the root instead of just treating the...
  8. bobthenob

    Natural Pesticides

    Man made products on pest control is just one big headache for the human population .Over the many decades that have past,we have been depended on these products by clever marketing ploys,without showing the sinister side to these products.Manmade products are harmful to humans and nature,even...
  9. immac

    Natural Swimming Pool

    From ZAMAN: Turkey’s first natural swimming pool When first searching for a place to build a house on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, my wife Jessica dreamed it would be just a short walk from the water, so she could rise before breakfast and plunge into the sea. That, however, overlapped...
  10. D

    what are the natural dangers of turkey

    i'm naivity i went to turkey and did a load of things that might be questionable on a safety issue, such as walking into the hills alone and diving off the top deck of the boat etc can anyone give me any information on the dangers, such as environmental and natural dangers,by this i mean areas...
  11. G

    What are the Top 10 Natural Wonders in Turkey?

    Last night, Channel five screened a program showing the Top 10 Natural Wonders in Britain according to a recent poll. See Full List below. I must confess to not having heard of our Top Natural wonder, the 'Dan-yr-Ogof Caves' caves in Wales. This got me thinking what the top 10 Natural Wonders...
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