1. A89

    Nationwide Account anyone??

    Does anyone have a Nationwide account? I'm thinking of changing over to that from HSBC when I go back. if anyone has an account and recommends me I think we both get £50 or £100 each??? If anyone wants to recommend me and take advantage of the offer please PM me. Alison
  2. Mushtaq

    UK House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise

    House price boom continues with 5.4% nationwide rise driven by big increases in the South East and West Midlands. House prices are rising across the UK driven by continued increases in the value of properties in London, the South East and the West Midlands. Homeowners will be encouraged by...
  3. N

    Nationwide Radio Station for Classical Music?

    In Istanbul I'd tune in a fabulous fm station devoted to Classical. In most countries there's usually one or a few radio stations which can be heard all over the national territory. Does anyone know if that's true in Turkey? If anyone listens to that classical musical radio station, what's it's...
  4. J

    Nationwide protests against proposed changes to Animal Protection Law No 5199

    Re: demonstrations Sunday, 30 September at 2.00 pm in Bodrum, Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Eskişehir, Sept. 29 and October 7 in Ankara. Hello, The attached photo announces some of the demonstrations that will be held across the country to protest the proposed changes to the animal...
  5. ted j

    Nationwide "free" holiday insurance rip off

    Just got a letter from Nationwide telling me that I'm eligible for free annual travel cover Only problem was, it only covers you for 31 days and we are going for 37, so rang them up to see if we could extend it. After a load of medical screening questions, I was then quoted an upgrade for £100...
  6. millilove76

    Nationwide Sign In

    Just wondered if anyone else has had or is having problems signing in to Nationwide Internet banking. Last night i had a page not found problem. This morning its telling me to sign out as me session has expired, i've done this and cant sign in (as its saying i need to sign out).
  7. L

    nationwide charges

    I withdrew £200 in stirling from the cash machine early May and we have now had our Nationwide bank statement and they didn't make a charge. When we withdrew in ytl back in March we were charged. So looks like withdrawing in stirling and changing in a bank offring the best rate
  8. K

    Nationwide Charges

    Hi, Does anyone know any ATMs in the Belek/Kadryie/Serik areas that you can get Sterling from so as to avoid charges from Nationwide. Thanks
  9. Yildez Datca

    Nationwide users - help!!!!

    Have any other Nationwide users living in Turkey with a Turkish address on their account received Cardreaders? I haven't had one. When they were changing over I understood that I'd still be able to use my "memorable data" to log in and do all my usual transactions. However trying to make a...
  10. arrian

    new Nationwide charges

    just received notification of new charges when using cc or withdrawing cash whilst abroad, 2% commission on both, with £1 for each cash withdrawal. however, to offset that for some they are now giving free travel insurance within Europe.
  11. T

    Nationwide charging Flexaccount

    Nationwide is going to charge 2% when you use your flexaccount card at the ATM's plus £1 if you take foreign currency. it is due to start on 1st November:hurt:
  12. arrian

    Nationwide to charge for using debit card abroad

    from November Nationwide b.society are to charge for cash withdrawals abroad. halfway through the article Nationwide starts banking war with promises of cheaper overdrafts and other perks | Mail Online
  13. arrian

    Nationwide & England team

    Nationwide building society have pulled out of sponsoring the England team: England lose again as Nationwide pulls plug on £20m football sponsorship | Mail Online
  14. debmax

    Nationwide Cash Card

    I've just received a letter titled: Important - changes to your cash card It goes on to say that they are issuing a new cash card+ to replace your current card. You can now pay for goods in shops in the UK, abroad and on-line Ask for cashback in certain stores. BUT It states several times...
  15. M

    Nationwide Debit/Credit Card

    I have just been talking to a friend who says she has read on "another" forum that you can top up Turkcell mobiles using a Nationwide Card. I had a look at the site, and it says that you need a 3D secure password from your bank to do this. It lists the banks who offer this, and they are...
  16. CJD

    P**d off with nationwide!

    I drove into marmaris yesterday, 2 hour round trip, to withdraw some money on my nationwide a/c after trying 4 atms and being refused message of over your daily limit.... b******s. So I called nationwide at great expense on my mobile they can find no reason, their suggestion, try a smaller...
  17. Andy

    Nationwide Visa Fraud

    As most of you know i have recently been to Turkey, i returned on the 17th. Before leaving i had a letter to say my account had been tampered with which i couldn't account for so a block was put on the card for internet access only. While in Turkey the only time i used my card was at the...
  18. ceemac

    Nationwide Card Charges

    This will probably affect quite a few of us; "Nationwide Cardholders Heads-Up! It's adding an overseas spending fee. Updated Guide Nationwide's long championed the fact its plastic doesn't add charges for overseas spending, making it a very cheap way to do it; yet it's changing. What's...
  19. Andy

    Nationwide Building Society

    If any members here have a Flex account with Nationwide there interest rate is now 0% so move your well earned money. ISA 's & Bonds are your best bet but these accounts have to be tied up with no withdrawals. It would be interesting to see where other members have invested to make the best of...
  20. B

    Nationwide Flex a/c card

    In Turkey last week I used the Flex card for the first time. What a winner. The best fx rates I saw all week were ranging 2.10 to 2.15 in the 'street'. The card and I have just checked came in with a whacking 2.31 !!!!! No competition which I will use in future.
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