1. M

    Six Nations.

    A great start to the Six Nations by Wales, Ireland and England. I don't believe that Ireland's performance was a championship winning one but what a finish and what a kick from Sexton !!!
  2. D

    Rugby 6 nations

    Who will win this year's 6 Nations competition and why..?? Who are the players to look out for this year..?? Is Eddie Jones the man to take England forward..?? And just who will you be supporting..??
  3. tykatem

    United Nations

    The United Nations Organisation (UNO) was founded in 1945 after World War II. The main aims of UNO are to maintain international peace and security, to develop friendly relations among nations In my view the UN never tries to avoid confrontation between countries and seems to protect the...
  4. A

    Six Nations Rugby 2015

    Congratulations to Wales for winning at 61 to 20 against Italy - now let/s see what England can do!
  5. O

    6 nations rugby

    Does anyone know if anywhere is showing the rugby in Dalaman or Dalyan on Saturday? Thanks
  6. A

    Well done Wales in Six Nations Rugby Today

    So Wales actually beat Ireland 23 to 16 - - well done Wales - - am sure Mike is having that extra Efes at Nico/s bar now!
  7. O

    6 nations

    Merhaba Does anyone know if any of the bars or restaurants are showing the 6 nations matches. Dalaman or Dalyan would be ok. Thanks
  8. Yalides

    6 Nations rugby 2014

    Who will win this season. Wonder how much difference the new scrum laws will make.
  9. 5

    six nations matches

    hi again ppl im looking at arriving in tinky 8th march and we play england on the 9th wheres the best place to watch us demolishing the english again only joking folks thanks
  10. bickern

    14 Caribbean nations sue Britain, Holland and France

    Britain is being sued with France and the Netherlands by 14 Caribbean countries which are demanding what could be hundreds of billions of pounds in reparations for slavery. Around 175 years after Britain freed its last slaves in the West Indies, an alliance of Caribbean nations is demanding to...
  11. skydog

    6 Nations

    Just waiting to watch the Welsh hammer the Scots who have a great defence but are lacking in attack ... then Ireland kicking the Frogs off the park. The only time the Frogs seemed to have any idea of what they were supposed to do was when they played England. They've never forgiven us for Crecy...
  12. B

    6 Nations

    Great win for England in the 6 Nations, and a good game from both sides. Bill.
  13. Yalides

    Six nations rugby

    Good win for England over the Irish on St Patricks day.
  14. C

    africa nations cup

    zambia win cup on penalties. misses by kolo toure and gervinho give it to zambia 9-8
  15. Yalides

    Six nations rugby.

    England sort the Welsh out at their place and the Irish struggle to beat the minnows Italy.
  16. shirleyanntr

    Alanya 6 nations rugby

    For anybody in and around Alanya area Eden Bar Oba will be showing all the matches...and having a sweepstake...of course i will win this, my predictions are WALES ─░RELAND england your bets
  17. Big Paul

    Six Nations Rugby

    Does anyone know any bars/restaurants in Marmaris that will be screening the games tomorrow? Thanks in advance
  18. Aleynasdad

    Six Nations

    Any chance of us seeing it in Turkey?
  19. v6cod

    Turkey now above England in top soccer nations

    Turkey have leapfrogged England in the world rankings up to 14th place. 1 - Spain 2 - Italy 3 - Germany 4 - Brazil 5 - Netherlands 6 - Argentina 7 - Croatia...
  20. J

    6 Nations Rugby- Live In Alanya

    Hi all, I've found somewhere in Alanya that's showing live 6 Nations Rugby Saturday & Sunday. I won't name as it would be advertising, message me if you want details... Cheers
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