1. J

    Ikamet-residence permit- for Chinese nationals

    Hi everyone, I am a Chinese national and I am going to apply for the first time, for a residence permit for tourism purposes. Somebody has suggested me to hire a lawyer or a visa agent because the application could be more problematic for Chinese citizens. I wanted to ask if there are new...
  2. Carolyn

    Support for British Nationals Abroad - the Consular Service
  3. L

    Route to UK citizenship for Turkish nationals?

    Hi everyone – I am returning to the site after a break of sometime – since when I have had a wonderful year in Turkey and hope to return to live permanently before long. I just wanted some advice re immigration status of Turkish nationals trying to get into Britain. I have become acquainted...
  4. J

    Residence Permit for Irish nationals

    With reference to a Resident Permit does anyone know if the same costs and details applies to Irish nationals as British Nationals. Can I apply for one in Bodrum.
  5. N

    Advice needed on the 300 day waiting period for foreign nationals marrying in turkey?

    Hi i was hoping someone could help me, myself and partner are wanting to get married in turkey next september 2013 in sarigerme, The problem is i will not get my decree absolute untill the end of this year and if this 300 day waiting period applies i will not be able to get married, first...
  6. A&P

    Restrictions on non nationals purchasing a property in Bodrum

    Hi We are researching the possibility of purchasing a home in central Bodrum. What restrictions apply to non nationals owning property in this area? and do they apply to certain areas only or a defined location or are they set to a distance from a key point? How would we be able to tell if a...
  7. teosgirl

    Turkish nationals visa-free travel to closest greek Islands Well, not entirely visa-free, but a similar process to the one we encounter. According to the article Turks will soon be able to travel to the closest Greek Islands without needing to apply for a visa - rather they will be granted a 2 week stay tourist visa on entering the...
  8. I

    Turkish nationals

    Hello everyone, My name is Richard and I have a beautiful Turkish wife Nesrin and have lived in Istanbul for nearly three years, I am currently in the U.K. I have a facebook group for English citizens who are married, have a partner who is Turkish or just have friendships...
  9. bickern

    2011 Residency permit fees for British Nationals

    2011 Residency permit fees for British Nationals 12 months GBP 370 24 months GBP 730 36 months GBP 1090 48 months GBP 1450 60 months GBP 1810 Residency permit book is TL 149 British citizens will be charged £40 for the first month + £30/month for...
  10. Gill

    Mayor holding meeting for foreign nationals in Yalikavak

    The mayor, Mustafa Saruhan, is having a meeting on Monday 9 August at 6pm in the meeting room at Yalikavak Belediye -the council building-(the room where the weddings take place). He wants to hear from the foreign community of Yalikavak about the things they want in Yalikavak ( ...information...
  11. S

    Uk Nationals Marrying in Turkey

    Hi All We are "Hoping" to get married in Bodrum in Aug 2010. We have a Certificate of Impediment, Decree Absolute, Death Certificate & Marriage Certificate, Adoption Certificate and full birth certificates. They are all translated and notirised from Turkish Chamber of commerce etc. We also have...
  12. D

    New Arrangements For Passport Services For British Nationals In Turkey

    From 15 June 2010, the British Consulate General in Istanbul will no longer issue passports in Turkey. After that date, British nationals living in Turkey will need to send their application by courier to: Passport Section British Consulate General Yorck Strasse 19 40476 Düsseldorf Germany...
  13. P

    Turkish mortgages available to UK nationals !!

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get finance to buy my property in Turkey, since I do not own a property in England I can not get a mortgage with an English bank, my understanding was that I also could not get a mortgage with a Turkish bank because I am non resident in Turkey. I found this web page...
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