1. Yalides

    National dash cam portal

    My neighbour told me about this having sent them footage of a driving incident. Anyone else used it ?
  2. L

    The national lottery web site access.

    I am with Talk Talk as my internet provider,4 years now,and have never had a problem and found them better than my previous provider BT and Sky.Recently say for the last couple of months I haven't been able to log into the National lottery web site,this being the only web site I can't access,I...
  3. K

    French to bring back National Service

    President Macron is keeping one of his election promises.
  4. Jaycey

    Happy National Embroidery Day Everyone!

    Yes, no kidding, today is National Embroidery Day in Ukraine & our traditional Vyshyvanka wins yet again!
  5. Spurs

    Grand National

  6. Higgy

    UK National Debt

    On the BBC this morning it mentioned personal debt and Trillions was mentioned. What with Wonga's apr of 1509% I am not surprised. On average every person owes £28k. I found this link which shows how the UK's Interest keeps going up, I was gobsmacked. The United Kingdom National Debt Clock...
  7. MrSimit

    National Insurance Contribution Records

    My wife is Turkish and has been told that the contributions she made when living in the UK may be added to her SGK/Bağ-Kur contributions and count towards her retirement. I've had a search online but am struggling to find the correct avenue in which to search. Does anyone have any experience...
  8. beyazbayan

    National lottery - whose nation?

    National Lottery owner Camelot sold to Canada teachers All profits now go to Canada yet another sell out.
  9. immac

    TR National Car: Saab 9-3

    From AutoExpress: "Saab 9-3 set to be reborn as Turkey's 'national car'" Extract: "Partnership formed between Saab rights owners and Turkish agency to develop new car based on 9-3 platform Owners of the previously defunct Saab brand have followed on from their agreement last year to build...
  10. D

    Child Born To UK national in Turkey

    If a child,whose parent is a UK national, is born in Turkey, is the child automatically a Turkish citizen? How would the parent go about registering the child's birth here? Also as the parent is a UK national would the child be entitled to UK citizenship and if so how would one go about...
  11. Freedom 49

    U.K. National Lottery Win? Sounds dodgy.

    Has anyone had notification of their e.mail address being a major winner in the U.K. national Lottery? I've had one this morning. If it were true, it would be brilliant :) but the logical part of my brain tells me it has to be a scam. What would you do? Respond, or just cancel it out and get...
  12. A

    Turkish National English Teacher

    Our English language school in Bolu is looking to employ an English teacher. The successful candidate must be Turkish. Enquiries in English to
  13. suzyq

    National auditors raid polling company

    Auditors from the Finance Ministry carried out a raid at the Gezici Research Company's office in İstanbul following a poll the company released showing votes for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) decreasing below 40 percent. According to the Cihan news agency, auditors went to...
  14. B

    National Service help! Slightly complicated situation.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help us, the consulate in London have not been overly helpful and we don't speak Turkish so we are finding it very difficult to find the information we need. Here is the situation (I'll try to keep it brief): My husband was born in England, he has lived...
  15. Yalides

    The national debt

    List of countries by external debt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Who is all this money owed too ? Is it those minor countries at the bottom of the list ?
  16. Kingfisher

    Gross national happiness

    Maybe I'm not the only one to believe that a better society can exist: What the Bhutanese are Doing is Amazing. Can We Get More of this in Our Country?
  17. juco

    National orgasm day :-)

    OK so who did and who didnt? National Orgasm Day - How to Ensure Your Day Goes Off With a Bang | Rebecca Newman
  18. B

    Front National in France

    BBC News - French police expelling migrants from Calais camps Could this action have anything to do with the Front National doing so well in the European Elections? Bill.
  19. Freedom 49

    Grand National Sweepstake

    Last year we ran a Grand National Sweepstake, 5 T.L. per runner and by popular demand we're doing it again. 1st place wins 60 T.L. 2nd place wins 40 T.L. 3rd place wins 30 T.L. 4th place wins 20 T.L. and the Pussy-Cat feeding/speying fund gains 50 T.L. If you're in Side and feel like...
  20. Jaycey

    Happy National Women’s Day

    It’s National Women’s Day in this part of the world. A day of thanks to all those wonderous creatures that tolerate us mere males and give us a purpose in life. So a very happy National Women’s Day to all our lady members
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