1. T

    Beautiful naming [Euphemism ]

    Beautiful naming [Euphemism ] Sometimes , people give alternative names for the things that are considered as " bad, scary and disturbing " so that they may sound less disturbing and scary. We call this as "beautiful naming" [Euphemism]. These names may varry from region to region. However...
  2. H

    Naming and shaming property fraud.

    Hello to everyone! It is high time someone should name and shame specific parties doing business in the Akbuk region, specifically so called "appointed lawyers" handling the purchase process of off-plan property. When we good hard working people intrust our account to be handled by the proposed...
  3. C

    naming rights - open to offers

    in view of the latest craze of selling naming rights to buildings, i have decided to sell the naming rights to my house. It is just off the main cork - kinsale road. If you are quick you can catch a glimpse of it up the hill, between the trees. As the Aviva stadium went for 40 million euro, i...
  4. D

    Naming our baby

    Hi All, 5 Weeks ago myself and my partner had our 1st child. I am British and she is Turkish (we are unmarried), the baby was born in Turkey. Does anybody know the legal stance on giving our baby an English 1st name? We wish to call him Robbie Koray. I have been advised by the Consulate etc...
  5. bobthenob

    avatar and naming

    l have been on this forum now,for just under a year,and curiousity got the better of me,as to the reason why,forum members chose their user name and their avatar for their image. l'll give you my reasons why l call myself bobthenob,and why l chose the avatar,a man mowing a lawn. lt started...
  6. I

    Naming apartments

    Does it cost anything to name apartments. Our apartments have an address which is not easy to remember. Where would we get a sign. Angela
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