1. Tenpin

    NASA to remove offensive names from planets and other heavenly bodies Political correctness has now expanded to space, where NASA says planets, galaxies and other heavenly bodies will no longer be referred to by “offensive” nicknames. In a press release Thursday...
  2. Mushtaq

    Report names Turkey as Europe’s ‘most wasteful country’

    Turkey has the most wasteful residents in Europe, throwing a mammoth 32.3 million tons of household and commercial waste straight to landfill, according to recently issued research by the U.K.-based Expert Market company. Expert Market ranked the most wasteful countries by investigating the...
  3. Yalides

    Names For Groups You Never Knew

    • A brat of boys • A giggle of girls • A stagger of drunks • A tedium of accountants • A stitch of doctors • A whine of losers • A jerk of politicians
  4. T

    Changing names on the Electricity Bill

    Hi, we would like to change the name on our Electricity Bill to our names, which Aydem office in Fethiye do we need to go to and what is the location. Also what documents should we take, Electricity Bill, Tapu & Passports?
  5. W

    I didn't use our middle names on our Pegasus booking can we still fly?

    Hi, when we booked our flights there wasn't an option for middle names so carelessly i just put our first names. I have rung Pegasus this evening -saturday and have stated that we will fly on monday evening. They said that they will not let us board unless we send photocopies of our passports...
  6. Jaycey

    English towns have such exotic names!

    I've always wanted to live in an exotic sounding place like Belchford or Muckton Bottom - Zaporozhzhye sounds so mundane..
  7. IbrahimAbi

    Putting Tapu into both names

    Reading recent threads about inheritance and problems with probate made me think about the tapu on our place which is only in my name. Does anyone know the rough costs involved with putting it into both my and the missus' names? Is it the same as paying the purchase tax on a place of about half...
  8. T

    Relative names in Turkish

    RELATIVE NAMES [AKRABA İSİMLERİ] Anne --> Mother [ in old Turkish it was " Ana", some people still use it ] Baba --> Father Kayınvalide --> [polite] Mother in Law Kaynana --> [not very polite] Mother in Law Kayınpeder --> [polite] Father in Law Kaynata --> Father in Law Kızkardeş ---> Sister...
  9. A

    names on Tapu

    I am thinking of changing the names on the Tapu of one of our apartments ,we had intended to leave the property to descendents in line with Turkish law,by are now considering changing the names on the Tapu to our kids ,,is it easy to do and what cost would I incur ,any advice would be welcome
  10. R

    Electricity connection and multiple names on TAPU

    Hi forum members! Really confused and have some questions that I hope someone can answer offhand: Can I get my property (situated in Akbuk) connected to electricity bymyself in Turkey even if the property itself has more than one name on the TAPU? Also how long would it take from registering...
  11. Jaycey

    Avatars & User Names

    I’m always curious about the use of avatars and user names on the forum. Are they how we see ourselves or how we’d like others to see us perhaps? Is Perfect really perfect? Is Shirley really a little devil? (Perhaps, judging by some of her surprisingly unladylike posts!) And Sunny Seasider...
  12. T

    Turkish shrub names

    Does anyone know the English name for the shrub we call Mellissa in Turkey.
  13. D

    selling property in turkey when in joint names

    hope some one can help .my ex wife and i have a joint owned property in turkey we only have 1 tapu but it is in joint names .we both want to sell but my ex wife says we both have to go be out there to sign with estate agent to sell and when sold both have to be out there to sign .can this not be...
  14. Jaycey

    Strange names

    Over the years I’ve come across many strange company names but this one takes some beating ...
  15. T

    Funny Names

    Thinking back to my School days I remembered some funny names ,Richard would always be shortened to Dick and it was unfortunate for Richard Head. Others included Christine Cross.....Chris Cross The twins Andrew Nurse and Peter Nurse .. Teachers just read the register with just the first letter...
  16. A89

    Drug prices & names in Turkey website?

    Does anyone know of another website that can tell you the turkish names for drugs and prices etc? I used to use but it seems to be no longer active.
  17. ZiaCa'

    Turkish Names

    I wasn't sure where to post this. It's just occurred to me lately that the Turks have some many different names and their names all have different meanings. Just wondered if they have more than European countries or do we Europeans use only so many? I think the Europeans may tend to go with...
  18. A89

    'Celeb' baby names

    I know this subject has been covered here before but Ive just read that the Beckhams are calling their new baby daughter Harper Seven! What the hell is wrong with 'celebrities' these days with the ridiculous names they choose for their children? Thats even worse than Gwyneth Paltrows Apple and...
  19. Yogi

    Unusual Names!

    I've just been introduced to a guy at work, his name is Cliff Edge! I nearly wet myself laughing! (Not in front of him of course, after he'd gone) Parents should give a bit more consideration to naming their Children. Anyone know of any more unusual names?
  20. bickern

    Border Collie Chaser Learns the Names of 1,022 Toys

    Chaser, a 6-year-old border collie, managed to learn the names of 1,022 different toys, which is more than any other animal has ever learned and around as much as a child around the age of three would be capable of learning. Border Collie Chaser learns the names of 1,022 toys | Oddity...
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