1. paddington bear

    Cat piss tree mystery solved

    I have solved the mystery of the cat piss tree, it is the fig tree. I took my dog out round the fields this morning and walked past two fig trees, so I stopped and had a smell of the trees and there is was, the delightful aroma of cat piss. Sue
  2. mollag

    Its a mystery?

    If you travel the Bodrum road from Gumusluk you travel thru the roundabout then at the top of the hill there is a white cistern, normally covered with graffitti, opposite this is a new restaurant! Does anyone have any news about it? :hungry:

    mystery bug closes turkish hotel

    Bug closes Brit hotel in Turkey -
  4. John O' Dreams

    UFO mystery

    UFO mystery: did Churchill and Eisenhower cover up sightings? With a civilian population haunted by the Blitz and the Second World War still in the balance, it was one development Winston Churchill could have done without – an incursion into British airspace by an arrow-shaped metallic object...
  5. S

    Mystery sender

    I heard recently that, on average, Alex Ferguson receives two turds in the post each week. What I want to know is, who's sending the other one? :39: Byeeeee-catch up with you all in a couple of months
  6. P

    Photo Gallery Mystery

    I've been trying to upload photos to the gallery. I created my album and started to upload. Some have uploaded without any difficulty. Others I get the message that they have uploaded successfully but they are nowhere to be seen. All the files are more or less the same size so I don't think it...
  7. M

    Thermometer Mystery

    In an idle moment (!) I turned a thermometer upside down to see what would happen. Can anyone tell me why the liquid inside does not run down through gravity? It appears to be still functioning normally and is showing the correct room temperature. The liquid inside it is red. Maisie
  8. ceemac

    Resident Brits A Mystery

    British Consul General to Turkey, Jessica Hand, has admitted she has no idea how many Brits are living in Turkey, and is encouraging them to register with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (might not be a good idea!) She made her remarks during her working tour to South Western Turkey which...
  9. J

    Organising a Murder Mystery night

    This will probably seem a strange request but we are looking for someone who could help organise a murder mystery night, it would be in Fethiye.Any help appreciated.Thanks
  10. M

    Mystery xmas party

    Any1 still here for xmas period there is another xmas party to be had at Buccaneros/Mystery bar Gumbet thıs saturday 22nd December Good cheap drınks modern uk pub style interior and adjoinın Mystery bar will be open for those of u who want a dance as well Starts at about 8/9 1 free drınk on...
  11. g&t

    mystery plant

    on our recent visit to kusadasi we found some wild plant growing on the edge of the road, looks like a green hairy gooseberry, and if you touch it with your foot, it explodes, does anyone have the feigntest idea what it is,
  12. VWBug

    Istanbul – all roads lead to color and mystery

    Turkish Daily News What can one say about this huge but captivating city? People have written books for centuries describing it and all it contains. Magnificent St. Sophia Museum and Sultan Ahmed Mosque across from it. Ancient obelisks from Egypt where once the Byzantines held horse races...
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