1. davidmbell

    First Time to Fethiye - Staying in Calis Beach (Hotel Mutlu)

    Hello forum, I am not new here, having posted a fair few times when I first started going to Turkey about 10 years ago, but on the Turgutreis/Bodrum forum/area. I fell in love with Turkey when we came 10 yrs ago, and we went about 8 times from 2005 to 2010, bringing more and more family...
  2. bickern

    Mutlu Yıllar 2015

    Mutlu Yıllar 2015 için en iyi dileklerimle. Happy New Year, best wishes for 2015.
  3. manara

    Mutlu yıllar!!!! one and all

    I would like to wish everyone and all prosperity in the new year. Mutlu yıllar!!!!
  4. E


    been here a week tomorow and having a fantastic time , 8yrs since my last visit to altinkum and though its changed a lot its still my favourite place to holliday ,i would highly recomend the mutlu to anyone all the staff are friendly plenty of beds round the pool beer same price as the bars in...
  5. E


    hi ,could anyone please give me the email address for the mutlu appartments ,i want to see if i can keep my room for a extra day as we leave for the airport pretty late , ive tried through there website but its not working ,thanks a million
  6. pepperkat

    Mutlu yeni yil

    Happy new year to each and everyone on TLF.
  7. T

    Ne mutlu Türküm diyene

    This well known Ataturk aphorism may be translated as "Happy is he/she who calls himself/herself a Turk". A former Turkish colleague of mine, whose opinions were always interesting, told me that much confusion and perhaps some grief might have been saved in the Republic if he had said instead...
  8. shirleyanntr

    todays word is Mutlu

    Todays word is mutlu İt means its a nice word..and lts also a nice word to demonstrate the suffixes of the verb ‘to be’. Or it used to be called that when i was in school…now i believe its called an auxillary verb or a compliment verb...or a helping verb Actually Mut means...
  9. matty

    Just Like To Say Hello And Mutlu Yillar

    Hi, My name is Ann, Purchased our first villa in Dalaman nearly 4 years ago with no regrets, only regret is to have to come back to the U.K to work!!! My husband and i are seriously considering make the move to Dalaman more permanent this year, INSHALLAH. Regards Ann :eyeye:
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