1. TurkInDenmark

    Kazim Koyuncu (Laz musician)

    I'm very intrigued by the Laz people, I think they are very fascinating. Here is some music by the Laz singer Kazim Koyuncu, hope you like it. Funny to hear the accent aswell, it sounds nice :)
  2. J

    Composer, musician, IT pro etc. in Marmaris

    Hello, my friends. I am a highly educated and experienced music and IT professional: composer, music teacher, church organist, choirmaster, band leader and musician, information and music technology trainer & specialist, programmer, graphic designer etc. I am now composing and working in...
  3. Fendouglas

    Looking for a Musician

    When we were Apartment hunting in June, we met a guy in the Yalikavak area who was a musician & also runs karaokes. He had a 3 part name (the last 2 parts of which I can't remember) "John (something) (something). He gave me his card, but unfortunately I have lost it and am keen to get in...
  4. Miss Money Penny

    John (musician)

    Hi, Do any of you have the e-mail address of John, he plays guitar and runs karaoke in the Yalikavak area and also has horses,cant remember his last name,we met him in may he was living in Gundogan & wanting to move to Yali,he gave us his e-mail etc but we have lost it.
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