1. 1

    Cats - the musical

    I was lucky enough to see Cats last night, I went with my sister and nephew. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I didn't expect to be moved to tears by Nicole Scherzinger singing 'Memory' I swear I got goose bumps. I had a sly look at sis, I think she had a little tear too! Last month, I took...
  2. perfect1949

    which musical do you think was the best

    after watching singing in the rain with gene kelly tonight i just love the film . i have watched it many times and it never seems to age . what musical do you think was the best . dave
  3. C

    Musical medley at zara cafebar

    Zara cafebar, akbuk - live music Let well known performer 'ANDREW' entertain you and your friends on BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY at 8.30pm. Come and enjoy an evening of your favourite songs both old and new and sing along if you want or just relax in a cool and clean atmosphere. Join us for a drink...
  4. D

    Musical Instrument Shop - Marmaris

    Does anyone know if there is a Musical Instrument Shop in Marmaris, my daughter needs a new flute and as we are over in August thought I would price one up in Turkey, In the UK we are looking at £500 minimum for a basic intermediate one upto £1000 for the better ones, she needs a better one than...
  5. Philogic

    Musical Instrument Shop

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a musical intrument shop in Antalya [Bryn?]. I am specifically looking for major Turkish Cymbal brands which are made in Istanbul. Istanbul Agop, Istanbul Mehmet, Alchemy and Bosphorus are four makes which come to mind. These are cymbals which cost £100-£250 in the...
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