1. mollag

    Dont like Country music either

    But then stuff like this pops up, I cant get enough, oddly the Country I hate least is normally female performers. The Be Good Tanyas - Waiting Around to Die - YouTube
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Face the music

    She should be brought back to face the music. Diplomatic immunity was never meant for this:- The wife of a US diplomat has left the UK after becoming a suspect in an investigation into the death of a motorcyclist involved in a fatal road collision, police said...
  3. Leo

    Side Music festival

    Does anyone have the schedule for the Side festival season for 2019 Thanks in advance
  4. immac

    Music On Tannoy System

    I have recently had the Beledir tannoy system ( loudspeakers) set up across the road. Usually announces funerals of the day. Annoying, but bearable, despite it being technology from the stone age. This morning they have started playing music!!!!! What is going on? Is somebody dead? Ian
  5. B

    Theme music

    Hi all. Just wondered if anybody knows who does the theme music to the Turkish series called SavascI. Also where I might be able to download it? Keeps going round my head only cure is play on repeat I think. Many thanks B
  6. M

    Music lessons = turkish clarinet

    Does anyone out there know any Turks who could help me with my new Turkish clarinet - I will be in the Fethiye area in June and September 2017 and would like to learn to play folk music. Thanks.
  7. kemerkid

    The day the music died.

    Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea, killing 92 - BBC News
  8. yalimart

    Mp3 music

    Looking to put all our cds into Mp3 format, could do it with iTunes but find iTunes makes a mess of the ripping so that's 's non starter, can't stand it any way. Used Nero and roxio in the past but the versions I have don't work with W10 not a great fan of media player ripping either so looking...
  9. bal canavar

    Bodrum Music Scene

    Down from Istanbul to Bodrum for a quick break , two nights we have been lucky enough to catch some good music at the Bodrum Yat Club . The first was on Sunday we enjoyed a band we didn't know and hadn't heard before playing some cool Jazz , they were called Fatih Erkoç & the Zafer Çebi...
  10. mollag

    Before the Music.

    Was added to one of the most excruciating videos ever made. Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video - YouTube
  11. ted j

    Music shop Kusadasi

    We're off to Kusadasi tomorrow and just wondered if anyone knows of a music shop there (not one that sells cds, but one that sells musical instruments and amplifiers) Any info will be greatly appreciated
  12. D

    Fethiye World Music Festival

    Does anyone know if this month Fethiye is once again hosting the brilliant World Music Festival on the Culture centre `square` ? the last few years its been excellent entertainment and I really hope its on this year .... any known dates anyone ?
  13. G

    bars that have music and dont charge double the price

    hi heading out to alanya this day 2 week and would love to have a bit of craic some music while having a drink but i was in the queens garden and the price the charge for drink is too much dont mind paying a bit extra but not double if you know of anywhere please share thanks ann
  14. W

    Wanted amateur music group in Kusadasi

    My husband and I are both enthousistic amateur musicians. We are looking for groups/bands we could join as a foreigner. Who know addresses?
  15. A

    Classical Music Concerts 25th + 30th October

    Classical spectacular with 60-piece orchestra at the Old Aspendos Amphitheatre on 25th and 30th October - with music from - Carmen - La Traviata - Romeo and Juliet. Tickets are 90 TL each and can be had from any of the local tour operators - or phone George of Col Tur on 0090-545-485-4513 - -...
  16. Yalides

    Great Turkish music One of our favourites.
  17. N


    does anybody no any free sites to down load music . thanks in advance
  18. bickern

    Celtic Music - Relaxing And Beautiful Mix

    Just had this on in the background for the last hour; really set my day. Celtic Music - Relaxing And Beautiful Mix - YouTube :D:biggrin1:
  19. mollag

    Classical style dance/rave music!

    Yeah me and all, doubtful but give these two guys a look, it is excellent, im so envious. :Cry:
  20. H

    Film about Sixto Rodriguez

    I got a Christmas present, a DVD "Searching For Sugar Man". I have never heard the name of Sixto Rodriguez before - a fantastic film, a fantastic story and a fantastic person, get it if you can :) Jaycey would probably know more about him because of Sixto Rodriguez's popularity in South Africa...
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