1. Yildez Datca

    Rosewall1, Mushtaq?

    Rosewall still hasn't posted on her blog since 30th January, and no one else on the Forum seems to be in contact with her. Mushtaq, I see she is still a member, although I don't think she reads TLF any more, if you have a contact email address for her would it be possible for you to send her a...
  2. S


    Leader I would like to make a formal complaint against messers Jaycey and Sleepy They have stated, on open forum, that I dont actually exist and am infact Shirl in drag!!! I would ask for the most grave punishment for both these reprobates
  3. ted j

    Hey Mushtaq

    How about ditching V bulletin games and getting some decent ones The ones on here have all been altered so you lose that much that they are laughable Don't believe me? try playing minipool and just going for the pink (after enlarging the playing screen up of course). The devious, scientifically...
  4. Yildez Datca

    Mushtaq - my Hero!

    A big thanks to Mushtaq! :clap::clap::clap: Having been particularly stupid - won't bore you with the details - Mushtaq sorted it out for me in a trice!!! I am still Yildez but with Datca attached, so to speak! What a star!!! :474cu::474cu::474cu:
  5. E


    I was going to reply yesterday to say its ok with me for you to close the thread. I can still reply to carols questions on the other forum. It takes ages mushtaq to read through threads on this, and other forums. Why are members expected to post a reply ASAP, or even within 2 hours or 2 days...
  6. Rainbow

    Thank You Mushtaq

    Not sure if this is the right forum. I want to thank Mushtaq for acting so swiftly in removing some offensive posts by a new member (and banning him/her in the process). Its nice to know that when something needs dealing with quickly and efficiently you are there (and the other mods). All to...
  7. lara

    Is Mushtaq ok?

    .............................I'm a little concerned, we haven't heard from him in a while, he might be on holiday and incommunicado, which could explain recent events, a rudderless ship has the saying goes.:confused: I hope he isn't in some Mod anti-room, trussed up and dazed, trying to tap out...
  8. carolk

    Mushtaq has asked me.....

    To be a moderator, there is an opening and I am considering it. :biggrin: Could be a lot of fun. :lie: What do you think? ;)
  9. Sunny Seasider

    Mushtaq and The Mods

    I would just like to wish Mushtaq and all our Moderators a very Happy, stressfree (from the forum) festive season. This year hasn't been easy keeping us all in line, you do this of your own free will/time, and I hope we continue with this excellent forum into 2011. :50:
  10. S

    Message to all members from Mushtaq

    Hi there members My own log in is, errr, jammed so I am using Saoirses Any way due to the massive amount of newbies I am gonna have to cut down the membership numbers The first cull I shall be making is those who havent yet voted for Dave in the poll. You have been warned. Ps dont try...
  11. RedBloodedHound

    Thanks Andy and Mushtaq.

    Just to say thanks for keeping it all going single handed. We can all see what you have to put up with. Büyük başarı. Robin. :clap2:
  12. M

    Thank you Mushtaq

    I would like to thank Mushtaq and the Moderators for their patience over the last few days . This Forum has had many ups and downs but keeps going forward, with many new members joining and having input on various topics . So lets all move on . Once again thanks for the Forum . Mike
  13. Trevor

    fao mushtaq

    hiya, can you contact brusandra please? she needs a password so she can abuse us in the chat room again lol:95im: trev xx
  14. bobthenob

    Good Ol' Mushtaq

    At last,after all this time of owning this apartment that gave me nothing but oppressive thoughts has now been sold, that has weighed me down with financial woes and negativeattitudes from outsiders over a period of two feels like a whole new meaning to my life has now taken hold ,where...
  15. Ms Who

    Thanks Mushtaq

    Lo all, As you may or may not know, the WIT production of "Snow Ak and the Seven Mustafa's" will be performed this coming Saturday (6th) at the Wedding Salon in Yenishar. Doors open 7:30. Included in the programme will be details of our sponsors who have donated to the WIT fund, going toward...
  16. W

    Happy Birthday Mushtaq!!!!!!!

    Hi Mushtaq! I bet you thought we had forgotten! But Good old Andy Chapman remindered me. Andy is on holiday in Turkey at the moment, but he sends his best wishes and we both hope you have great birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :pressie:
  17. the sausage king

    Many thanks to all, especially Mushtaq

    Hello everyone, I am please to have completed my banner ad on TLF and look forward to receiving, orders, feed back and new friends from this excellent forum. Thank you one and all.
  18. CrescentHomes

    Mushtaq Birthday Cake

    It was Mushtaq's birthday last week, he didn't tell anyone but we found out today, so Gokhan (Andy) went out and got a nice cream cake for a surprise birthday celebration at Crescent Homes office, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Sorry guys no cake left but everyone welcome to call in the office...
  19. Andy

    Mushtaq shame on you

    mushtaq has exceeded his stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space. Problems with the Game Who Wants To Be A Millionair it's not storing the correct scores on The Egyptian Forum. Have a look Mushtaq .
  20. Andy

    Thanks Mushtaq

    Just like to thank Mushtaq for getting the Forum up and running again. I know he's worked really hard to fix the problem and hopefully it won't happen again.
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