1. Tenpin

    Info Iconic Turkish museum chosen among best buildings of last century

    Iconic Turkish museum chosen among best buildings of last century Extract: Turkey's Odunpazarı Modern Museum (OMM) was selected as one of the most important museum buildings in the past 100...
  2. suzyq

    Underwater museum opens in Side

    Turkey’s and Europe’s first underwater museum has officially opened in Antalya. The museum displays 110 sculptures in five different themes Turkey?s first underwater museum opens in Side - ARTS
  3. S

    Bodrum Maritime Museum

    If you haven't been to the Marine/Maritime museum in Bodrum yet I suggest you visit tomorrow (Thurs 18th April) when there is a special free-entry day. I love the beautifully detailed models of famous Bodrum boats and pictures of the old boat yards and boat builders. It is in the lane almost...
  4. teresa

    New Museum Card with Residency Permit

    Fethiye | Got a residence permit? Now you can get discounted access to attractions all over Turkey I know the Muzekart has been a topic of discussion before and the fact that it was only available to Turkish nationals. This could be of interest to some, sorry if it has already been...
  5. P

    new museum at soke

    new museum this is on the Kipa site, there is clothing and furniture (entrance is 4TL) and you get a guide who speaks good English to explain it all We took Phil and Di , then had a 4 massive pizza and drinks each 36TL for us all
  6. Firebrand

    Hajj exhibition at British Museum, London

    For anyone coming to London before 15 April, this is supposed to be very good: British Museum - Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam
  7. G

    Alanya museum

    ALANYA MUSEUM IS CLOSED TILL MAY 2012 four of us travelled from PAYALLAR today after doing online research opening times etc: only to be greeted by a notice on the museum (IN ENGLISH!) to say it is closed for renovation till the middle of MAY 2012 .no mention of this on THE OFFICAL WEBSITE seems...
  8. L

    Museum Pass

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about the museum pass that costs 20 lira for 1 year. Not sure if it lasts for 12 months or until end of the year. We are off to Istanbul soon and were wondering if it was available there.
  9. Rainbow

    Turkish Museum Card - Muzekart

    Hopefully this information will be of use to some TLF members. Today I went to Perge /Antalya. I enquired about obtaining a Muzekart. I know that previously these were only available to Turkish citizens but now that foreigners get a kimlik number once they have an ikhamet I thought I would ask...
  10. K

    Turkey's weird museum

    This museum in Cappodocia is seriously weird: Avanos Hair Museum | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities
  11. donss

    Side to become 'Museum City of Culture'

    Good news for the world-wide appeal of Side: Turkey's historic Side to become a 'museum city' - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review Lets hope the plans and spin-off successes benefit us all in the longer term....
  12. ceemac

    A chilling museum to open in Istanbul

    Norwegian Magic Ice Museum, a museum which is entirely made of ice, will open at the Forum Istanbul shopping mall on April 23, Children's Day. With an investment of 3.5 million euros, the museum will offer visitors a chilling experience while learning about when the Vikings visited Istanbul in...
  13. J

    Military museum

    Hi there, can anyone tell me about the military museum that is in the Konak area please? I'd be interested to know. Thanks
  14. KKOB

    Yuruk Museum, Ciftlik near Fethiye

    Following a recommendation from a neighbour and an article in the press, I, Ceni and a couple of friends visited the Yuruk Museum today. The museum is a little of the beaten track and after a couple of short diversions we arrived at around 11 am and ordered breakfast. Well, to say we were...
  15. cirali

    Antalya Museum

    Hi all, Over the weekend my family and I decided to re-visit the Antalya museum as it had been about 5 or 6 years since our last visit. Had a super time and totally recommend to anyone visiting the Antalya area to visit this wonderful museum. Here is a great link for more detailed information...
  16. L


    The museum is well worth a visit if the beach gets too HOT, its impressive with all the displays of history and local information, here is a short peice i found about it..... The historical museum of Alanya opened its doors in 1967 and is divided into two sections; ethnographical and...
  17. VWBug

    World's Second Largest Mosaic Museum In Hatay Draws Interest

    ANTAKYA/ADANA - Antakya Archeology Museum in southern city of Hatay which is the second largest mosaic museum of the world draws great attention of visitors. More than 34,000 artifacts are exhibited in the museum. Antakya Archeology Museum Curator Faruk Kilic told A.A, ''in the aspect of...
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