1. S

    Andy Murray

    Seems Gabbys not a fan!!!!! For god sake Giglets dont read this!!!! BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan slams Andy Murray | Tramlines - Yahoo Eurosport UK
  2. Freedom 49

    Bye Bye Murray

    Am I the only one happy to see Murray given a good wapping by Stanislas Wawrinka yesterday? I've managed to avoid Murray's matches so far but last night when I got in from work, I watched a good doubles match where the Williams sisters beat the Italian girls. After that, Murray v Wawrinka was...
  3. R

    Andy Murray

    Well done Andy,a good victory in America
  4. may

    Andy Murray

    So sorry Andy's just lost, he said he would be back next year.
  5. abba

    Andy Murray wins US Open

    Congratulations to Andy on winning the title. A magnificent match and well played by both competitors.
  6. SonnyJim


    As the other Olympic thread has been closed, thought I would start this one so we can show our support to the athletes. Just watched some of the rowing heats, GB did well :clap2: All positive vibes welcome......
  7. yalimart

    andy murray

    Will Andy Murray be British tonight or Scottish ? I hope he will still be British and although not really a tennis fan I will more than likely watch it if my TV doesnt float away first. Martin
  8. mollag

    Ruby Murray

    Given the male love affair with Curry which can produce curry connoisseurs as avid as the wine wallahs, how many will answer the question "what was your first curry" with "VESTA CHICKEN" Me do :smile:
  9. Murray

    Hello from Mr. Navan (Murray)

    Hi everyone, Murray here, glad to be aboard at last. I have viewed from the sidelines from long enough and thought it about time I joined the ranks. Cant let Anna have ALL the input. For those of you who do not know me, I am Mr. Navan, spouse of Mrs. Navan. For those of you who do know me...
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