1. bickern

    Robert Nairac - Murdered

    Double standards or what? The Mail can reveal that Terry McCormick and Pat Maguire were among 187 on-the-run paramilitary suspects who received 'comfort letters' – dubbed 'get-out-of-jail-free cards' – which told them they were not being sought by police. The pair were wanted for questioning...
  2. bickern

    Murdered and raped a four-year-old girl in Turkey

    Himmet Akturk had agreed to appear on a Turkish TV show specialising in investigating family dramas as it examined the disappearance of four-year-old Irmak Kupal A man has confessed to murdering and raping a four-year-old girl during an interview on a live television show. Himmet Akturk had...
  3. teosgirl

    Young woman murdered in Dalyan

    Young woman found strangled to death after sexual assault in western Turkey Very sad news. I don't have too much faith in the justice system in Turkey but lets hope the right person/people have been arrested and that they'll be locked away for a long time. What a tragic end to a short life...
  4. suzyq

    Murdered over a snowball

    Hope the shopkeeper get a long sentence. Journalist murdered in Istanbul over snowball that hit shop window - LOCAL
  5. bal canavar

    Turkish woman brutally murdered

    20-year-old Turkish woman brutally murdered, body burned MERSİN The burned body of a 20-year-old female student who had been missing for two days was discovered Feb. 13 in a riverbed near Tarsus district of the southern province of Mersin. Three suspects have been detained for stabbing...
  6. teosgirl

    German couple murdered in Alanya

    German couple found dead in Turkish resort town Tragic news, a brutal loss. I hope they catch the murderers soon (I think, more than one) and hope this couple rest in peace. Charlotte
  7. bickern

    Father's tears for murdered family

    My heart goes out to this guy. I really can't comprehend how he is feeling especially when he heard of his wife's last words to save her children. I hope the guilty ones are amongst those arrested and when they get to court they throw away the key...
  8. teosgirl

    Japanese woman murdered in Cappadocia

    LOCAL - ?Confidential? probe launched into murder of Japanese woman in Cappadocia Very sad news. Charlotte
  9. beyazbayan

    American woman murdered İstanbul

    Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder. Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder
  10. shirleyanntr

    Brit murdered in Nigeria

    a British man has been murdered in Nigeria he had been held hostage with other foreign workers and killed by İslamic terrorists Can we call it this ie Islamic terrorists or is it not PC and if we do say the İ or the M word will we then be called i****aphobic İve been friends with Muslims...
  11. Sha Hoorsur

    Seven year old boy murdered.

    British newspapers are reporting on the retrial of the disturbing case of a Muslim mother in Cardiff, Wales who beat her son to death in July 2010. Why would she commit such a heinous act? Because he had failed to memorize enough of the Koran.
  12. beyazbayan

    Woman murdered

    At lunchtime today a young recently married and two months pregnant woman was murdered in her home in Sekerhane area of Alanya. Police say a man tried to rob the house and when seen cut her throat. The police have arrested a man trying to get to Adana. They report she was on the phone to her...
  13. P

    N.I.Prison officer murdered.

    BBC News - Family of shot prison officer David Black 'devastated' Let us hope the scumbags responsible are soon caught, R.I.P.
  14. suzyq

    Daughter of murdered mother reveals Turkish waiter had NOT proposed to her

    In a heart-rending interview, the family of Marian Graham, the mother of five murdered in Turkey, have spoken for the first time of their ‘absolute devastation’. Marian, 52, was found stabbed to death last week alongside her lifelong friend Cathy Dinsmore in a remote wooded area close to the...
  15. V

    Two British women murdered in Izmir

    Two women, believed to be from County Down - at least one with a home in Kusadasi - have been stabbed to death whilst visiting Izmir. A 17-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of double murder. BREAKING NEWS: Two British women stabbed to death in Turkey | Mail Online
  16. Mushtaq

    Contract killer 15 Year old - Turkish mum murdered in London

    A family of killers: Britain's 'youngest hitman', 15, is convicted of murder... just like his brother AND cousin A teenager believed to be Britain's youngest hitman is facing a life sentence today for shooting dead a young mother in a contract killing. Santre Sanchez Gayle was just 15 when he...
  17. Akasya

    Thread closure Pakistani brothers murdered

    For once i am at a loss, the thread was clearly posted in the padded room, the Subject and content was very clearly alluded to, the worst of it's barbarous content was occluded by the donor media, it was carried on all countries web sites, the BBC still gives it prominence. Whoever complained...
  18. zuberdust

    2 teenage brothers publicly murdered in pakistan......

  19. Summertime

    Murdered in London

    No justic at all to the Family, when they cant get this man out of Jemen. BBC News - Family calls for pressure on Yemen over murder suspect
  20. ceemac

    South African Far-Right Leader 'Murdered'

    Breaking news from Sky.. South African far right leader Eugene Terre'blanche has been murdered at his farm, police say. The white supremacist was beaten and hacked to death, according to local media reports. More follows... C
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