1. V

    New trams for Antalya Municipality

    Saw this article on the Railway Pro news letter
  2. A

    Scandal Ankara municipality election

    Ankara election counting stopped not any explaining. CHP ahead party in Ankara and AKP trying to all cheating for not lost to Ankara. No information in media.
  3. teosgirl

    Municipality dumps waste in organic basin

    GREEN - Municipality dumps waste to organic basin in Turkey And what did the AKP mayor say about it? "Everyone does it" And this is the AKP vision of progress? Thankfully the locals found the media a useful tool of complaint, because it seems their concerns were falling on deaf ears...
  4. G

    Contact Info to Alanya Municipality wanted

    I want to pay property tax on my apartment to alanya municipality. In Scndinavia, we can reach our city hall with email. I tried to do the same by going to the Alanya Municipality website: The Official Website of Alanya Municipality (slash translation) But the website only shows that page and...
  5. teosgirl

    letter from Izmir municipality

    Hi, I'd like to ask the restaurant and bar owner members of this forum if they've recently received a letter from their regional head municipal office regarding alcohol sales? The restaurants, bars and bakkals in Sigacik have received letters informing them that alcohol sales must stop at 2am...
  6. teosgirl

    corruption raids in Izmir municipality (and kusadasi) Approximately 40 police officers have taken control of the Izmir Buyuksehir municipal building in a raid relating to claims of corruption. I'm unable to find any English language news reports as yet, but...
  7. T

    Gulluk 2500TL Registration Fee!!!

    All, Some new owners in Gulluk have found that they are required to pay a 2,500TL 'registration fee' when they went to pay their 'council tax' at the Municipality. Mavi/Odek lawyers said that this was 'not possible'.... We paid our tax but not the fee. I received a letter three days later as...
  8. S

    Registering property with municipality for council tax

    We have received our Tapu 3 weeks ago and now need to register for the council tax. Unfortunately we are now back in the UK and our solicitor failed to advise us before we left that we had 3 months to do this. Does anybody know if someone else can do this for us with a POA? Would they need all...
  9. sandpearse

    Bodrum Municipality Christmas party

    The annual Christmas Cocktail party, hosted by the Mayor of Bodrum, is to be held once again in the belediye cafe on Gumbet beach. Its on Boxing Night, 26th December, 18.00 - 20.00.
  10. gipsybabe

    Advice please - New Municipality fees for maps

    Hi Wonder if any of you Bodrumites are in the process of applying for your Tapu, our solicitor has told us via email that the Municipality want 2000NTL, but the Bodrum Title Deed manager has said they are wrong and that our solictior has to write to them and the municipality must reply within...
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