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    House for sale near Mumcular

    We're selling up, or going to try to lol. Have posted a link to For Sale / Detached House / PINARLIBELEN KOY LUX EV SATILIK at - 124004054 It's about 25 minutes from Bodrum, 5 minutes from Mumcular, in between 3 different villages (Etrim, Pinarlibelen and...
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    Has anyone been to the Sunday market at Mumcular? We will be passing there on the way back from our road trip and I'm wondering what they sell. Looking mainly for fruit and veg but interested to know what else is availble. Thanks
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    Golf in Mumcular

    There was a lot of talk about a new Golf Centre being built on the old road between Mumcular and Bodrum. Does anyone know if the construction has started?
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    Help in identifying family who adopted street dog from Mumcular

    Hello, If anyone knows an "English-speaking family driving a black jeep" who decided to adopt a dog from the street in Mumcular about 10 days ago, I would very much like to know just to see if he is the same dog I think he may be. The one I am thinking of is a light beige, neutered male...
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    Land for sale near Mumcular

    A friend of ours has two pieces of land for sale near to Mumcular, one piece is just outside of Etrim and is 6120 m2 the other is in Karanlik (again near to Etrim.) and is 5000 m2. I have tried to add photos but am having problems so if anyone is interested pm me and I will e-mail you pics of...
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