1. R

    Electricity connection and multiple names on TAPU

    Hi forum members! Really confused and have some questions that I hope someone can answer offhand: Can I get my property (situated in Akbuk) connected to electricity bymyself in Turkey even if the property itself has more than one name on the TAPU? Also how long would it take from registering...
  2. Tommie

    Multiple killings at School in the US

    There has just been reported that there has been a shooting at a kindergarden in Connecticut and 27 people have been killed, 14 of them are children. As yet, there are no confirmed details. BBC News - 'Many die' in Connecticut primary school shooting It could not have happened at a worse time.
  3. B

    Multiple wives.

    Ministers ban extra benefits for multiple wives - Telegraph Am I right in thinking that most members will agree with this proposal? Bill.
  4. B

    Indirect flights via multiple carriers

    Hi posted this in the wrong thread, :77wu: but need some help please :3: .....we need to get to Altinkum quickly and can only find indirect flights via multiple carriers, ie Easyjet and Condor, Liverpool- Amsterdam, then Amsterdam - Izmir. Stop over is only 2.15 this doable, or are...
  5. B

    Flying via multiple carriers

    Hi Can I ask for some advice please?:15: We need to get to Altinkum pretty quickly and have spent a couple of nights trying to find flights. We have found some flying Liverpool to Izmir later this month and can do the dates, but, it involves 2 airlines and changing planes in amsterdam. It...
  6. Yogi

    Multiple Quotes?

    What's the best way to reply quoting text from various users posts in the same reply? (make sense?)
  7. S

    Multiple owner voting rights

    I know this may be covered but I would be grateful for the following information. Can anyone advise on the following situation. We have a development 0f 41 apartments of which 18 are sold with another 23 unsold. I am looking for advice on voting rights. How many votes when dealing with issues...
  8. KKOB

    Fethiye Baskan Suffers Multiple Stab Wounds

    The Fethiye Belediye Baskan has just been stabbed several times at the foot of the stairs to the Belediye building near Carrefour and rushed to hospital.
  9. shirleyanntr

    multiple identities

    having just sussed out that a certain person hops in and out the forum using a variety of identities its making me wonder just who is who. why all the subterfuge... whats the point..except to cause mischief. has anybody else noticed?
  10. S

    Tourist Multiple Entry Visa question

    So i'm a US citizen in turkey with a 90 multiple entry visa. If i travel to Spain and I'm there when my 90 days for Turkey expires can I purchase a new turkish visa on my return? Thanks in advance
  11. Marc

    One Shop or multiple?

    I am shopping for my mothers Villa (Akbuk\Didim) when I get over there and her list is as follows; 1 x King/queen Bed 1 x Single Bed 1 x 3 seater Settee (brown) 1 x Bed Settee (brown) Microwave with grill Toaster Kettle Fridge Freezer (3/4 fridge) Patio Table & Chairs (6 seater) Aircon...
  12. merlin

    Posting links in the forum with a single or multiple word.... Like "Click Here!"

    Posting links in the forum with a single or multiple word.... Like "Click Here!" Its quite simple..... First find a link that you want to use Copy the whole link to your clipboard ie. Now... See the "globe with the chain link" icon above Click on it...
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