1. oldfogy

    multi page Translator TR-En

    Does anyone know know of a decent 'reliable' multi-page translator program. I have a 12 page insurance document that needs to be translated into English, in one go. Up-until now I have been using ABBYY FineReader 11 to convert to a MS Word document and then selecting individual pages followed...
  2. P

    Turkcell multi user wi-fi unit

    Hi Y'all I am heading into Turkcell in Marmaris when i am next over to buy a stand alone wi-fi unit. I understand that the data bought has a life limit and was wondering if anyone has an online link to allow me to buy more data or top up when not in Turkey to keep sim card live? Thanks in...
  3. H

    Multi gym - where can I find one in Dalyan?

    Hi everyone, I wish to buy a multigym for my place in Dalyan. I do not mind if it is new or second hand so long as it is decent quality. Does anyone have a multigym they wish to sell, or any suggestions/advice on the best place to buy one near Dalyan (and delivery times if applicable)? Thanks in...
  4. C

    Turkcell multi vinn wifi myfi

    Hi Has anyone in the Dalaman Gocek, Dalyan, Fethiye regions purchased one of the new turkcell multi wifi boxes this week that serve up to 10 gadgets? If so, how much did you pay and where from? I bought one onMonday for 200tl and have clear, y been ripped off as I believe they are 125tl as per...
  5. K

    Turkcell Multi Vinn

    I have a Turkcell multiVinn hotspot which I bought last year. It works great, except that we have noticed that it seems to turn itself on at night while it is plugged in and we are asleep. We thought it was just our imagination, but it really does! Does anyone know why this happens?
  6. S

    mifi - multi vinn - pocket wifi

    Hi to all. I know this subject has been posted to death but....All I need to know is: Do any of the providers sell the device and separate sim on pre-pay or pay as you go or pay monthly with no contract for 2013? Do I need to have a residence permit or just my passport to get this service from...
  7. C

    Tranfers multi airports

    Hi guys this year I have a flight coming in to Bodrum my return flight is from Izmir. Does any one know if companies that do single shuttle transfers from and to these airports. Chris
  8. perfect1949

    how good are you at multi tasking

    i think women multi task a lot better than us men , what do you think ? dave
  9. M

    Mifi Turkcell Multi VINN

    On a previous post I mentioned my MiFi device and how I had it registered in Turkey. Today I popped into a Turkcell shop and they now have a Multi VINN, this is the same as I call a mifi. Looks like it is on contract, not PAYG. But thought that I would let you all know. The Multi VINN is a...
  10. R

    New Multi Media Speaker system For Sale

    Microlab MC-1900 Multi Media sub woofer speaker system for sale. Five mini speakers and sub woofer unit, with remote control Real 5.1 surround sound Compatible with AC-3 and DTS DVD and 5.1 sound card compatible 5.25" professionally enhanced sub woofer driver P.M.P.O 6500 Watts Colour black...
  11. bobthenob

    Multi Channels

    The modern age of multiple choice of a thousand channels to watch on the telly should give you non stop entertainment of what you like to see.But really, all these satellite boxes with the promise of all these wonderful movies and comedy shows are nothing but either repeats after repeats or just...
  12. W

    Dvd player multi region hack

    Does anyone have a hack code for my BEKO DVD Player?? Its a BEKO ESS-1300 and i am desperate to find a hack code to turn it into a multi-region DVD Player!Ive trolled through the internet with no joy so i thought i would turn it over to the TL brains lol! If anyone can help it would be...
  13. D

    Multi fuel stoves

    Does anyone know where to buy Multi fuel stoves in the Dalaman area? I am able to travel to surrounding area.
  14. D

    Multi fuel stoves.

    Does anyone know stockists of multi fuel stoves in the Dalaman, Fethieye area?
  15. Mary Gambrell

    Multi Visa

    Hi, have been following the site for some while now this is my first entry.My wife and myself are just back from Altinkum and we are of again in 3 weeks to furnish our place at Royal Apartments just by Dolphin Square can you get a multi visa for the year from the Turkish Embassy in London, we...
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