1. E

    I think bad news for Bodrum and Mugla

    The president has decreed in Mugla and Bodrum land of over one million one hundred thousand square Mt's on the sea front at Ortakent Bodrum can be built on. Where is it going to stop. Cumhuriyet daily news..
  2. mollag

    Mugla Mussels

    They may well be banned but the stop me and buy some Midye wallahs are still out shifting stock in Turgutreis. Mu?la municipality bans street vendor sales of mussels - Turkey News
  3. suzyq

    DGMM - Mugla

    After spending nearly a week failing to make an appointment at Muğla I went to Muğla early yesterday morning and managed to way lay the big chief in the car park. He was very charming and extremely helpful. He told they were in the middle of making changes. If you are renewing your RP, even...
  4. H

    Bus from Dalaman airport to Marmaris or Mugla.

    Are their timetables available.i fly alone next Tuesday and don't really want a private transfer to myself.
  5. B

    Help to contact residents permit office Mugla.

    Can anyone out there please help me, I applied for my two year residency permit two months ago now, and have a flight booked for the 30th of this month back to the UK if my permit is not back by then I can only stay there for 14 days I believe. I have been unable to find any phone numbers for...
  6. ibrahimwoah

    Marmaris, Mugla

    Hi all, I'll be moving to the location mentioned in the title in a few weeks, and I'd like to know more about internet because of it. I visited Turksat Kablo and they said that they don't operate in Marmaris (is this true?) so I guess I can't get cable. Is there Fiber in Marmaris? I'd love to...
  7. T

    Home depot or similar in mugla

    I'm looking for a home depot, bauhaus or similar in Mugla. Are there any? Ideally close to Dalaman or Dalyan
  8. H

    Bodrum airport to Mugla

    Can anybody tell me if there is a regular bus service from Bodrum airport to Mugla? I'm travelling to akya alone and don't really want to pay a private transfer fee. Thanks.
  9. K

    STRP Renewal Experience in Mugla

    Just thought you may be interested in our experience of renewal this week. . . We arrived in Datca last Thursday, 7th April. As our RPs are only valid until 14th April it made renewal a priority. We got all the documents together on Friday, including a new requirement of a 'crime free' letter...
  10. Mag

    Highly recommend Mugla Pozitif Emlak - Turgutreis

    Hi everyone, Would just like to share our experience of selling our apartment last week. Upon advice we used Kagan Yilderim from Mulga Pozitif estate agents, and cannot recommend him highly enough. A very efficient, professional and personable man with excellent English. We commenced...
  11. E

    Foreigner in Mugla request place for worship

    Foreigners living in the Aegean province of Muğla have requested that the authorities build suitable places of worship in order to allow them to better practice their beliefs. The Solidarity with Foreigners Living in Muğla Association is keen on building churches and cemeteries for foreigners...
  12. hayabusa

    Golf course in Mugla.

    Hi there, Are there any Golf players in Mugla ?...... I was looking for some Golf courses to play Golf in Turkey and wanted to know where the courses are in and around Dalaman, Mugla or Akbuk. There must be a number of expats still playing golf........
  13. hayabusa

    External Painting - Toparlar, nr Koycegiz. Mugla

    Can anyone recommend a good painter/ decorator in Toparlar, nr.Koycegiz ?.....Its about 20min drive from Dalaman.
  14. H

    Cars, offers on new cars

    Hi we are from Dalyan looking to buy a new car does anyone know if there are any offered avaliable on any at the mo
  15. mamish

    Oil Wrestling in Mugla

    Oil wrestling competitions taking place next Saturday 16 August! They are being held in Kavaklidere this time, just beyond Mugla. Definitely worth going - I really enjoyed the last ones. We have painters and plumbers working in our house at the moment, but if they've all gone by Saturday...
  16. hayabusa

    Tekzen - Mugla

    Does anybody have the address for TEKZEN in Mugla ?. I have been on their website but it's all in Turkish and cannot find anywhere to get the address. Please help, as it must be very popular !....
  17. B

    Mugla Orphanage

    I have loads of clothes and toys that i would like to give to an orphanage. Does anyone know the name address etc of one local to Dalyan - i know there is one in Mugla but not sure where. Thanks
  18. hayabusa

    DIY Store in Mugla

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a DIY store in Mulga ?..... I was told by a Turkish man in Turkey last year that there is, it's similar to B&Q but cannot remember what it was called or where it was.......
  19. B

    Beledyesi status for Kemer Mugla.

    Does anybody know if Kemer Mugla is to get town hall status & if so when?
  20. mafalda

    Applying for residence permit in Mugla

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long the procedure takes to obtain a residence a permit in Mugla. Some time ago I was told that it would take around 4 weeks and that I would need to hand in my passport for that duration. (Unless I visit the relevant offices frequently, in order...
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