1. G

    Jen's (MTC) MSN and phone

    Please be aware that Jennie's 2 boys are flying out (hopefully) on Friday and they are going to be using Jen's MSN account and her mobile phone - so if you get a message or text it is from the boys. I have just spoken to Callum and they are holding our remarkably well, I told him our thoughts...
  2. Andy

    Al, Pennie, Terry & MTC take note.

    70 Ways To Tell You've Been Online Too Long *********************************** 1. Tech Support calls "YOU" for help. 2. Someone at work tells you a joke and you say "LOL". 3. You watch TV with the closed captioning turned on. 4. You have called out someone's screen name while making...
  3. Lindy

    Oh MTC!

    You have endeared me Jenni - although after a few glasses of the red stuff I am not responsible for my <s>actions</s>words ;) Especially after losing some weight - your b******d - cheap date or what [:0] Well - what can I say other than I love Turkey so much we're (myself and Tony other half)...
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