1. Harem

    MSN Scam?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this: Received this email this morning, has anybody else received similar/same and if so, what did you do? I deleted mine! ❶✉Your Micrοsoft accοunt has reached an Upgrade stage CUSTOMER CARE <> Today...
  2. A89

    MSN sign in problem

    Just got back from Uk and tried to sign into windows live messenger and getting a message saying 'a newer version is available.You must install it in order to continue'' When I try to install it it then gives a message saying a newer version is already installed and still wont sign in. Has...
  3. Lillylilly

    Msn hotmail

    Anyone experiencing problems with Hotmail? Keep getting an error message (see below) when I try to access my hotmail Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.a42612d1.1330035488.32c2622
  4. ted j

    Skype or Msn Messenger

    Which do you use and why? Ted
  5. Mirazz

    MSN Connection Problems

    I'm hoping someone can help. My msn doesn't stay connected for more than a few minutes. Its ok when I am online but not talking to anyone, but as soon as a conversation starts it disconnects. It's usually when the person at the other end is typing, not me. Someone suggested it was the router...
  6. A89


    For some reason I cant copy and paste into my MSN personal message under my username. I could do this before but now for some reason, cant. I want to use some Turkish characters in there but as I cant paste and dont have turkish keyboard I cant do it. Any ideas you clever bunch of peeps??
  7. B


    I need someone to help me, for some reason the last 3 days my msn messenger wont let me sign in.. I've tryed deleting the whole thing and re-installing etc and cant figure it out. It says that signing in has failed because te service is temporarily unavailable. Then continues msn has had many...

    MSN Video

    Can anyone please tell me why some MSN Videos come up with the message on the screen,''sorry this video cannot be played in you present location''. I even get this message if i've got my VPN activated. Martin..
  9. Mushtaq

    lot of MSN spam?

    I have noticed a lot of people with names I don't recognise asking me to add them to my MSN, all of them don't have anything on their profile, so I refuse and report them as spammers. I wonder if this could be because I have my MSN ID in my profile and some spammers are registering on the forum...
  10. angiesco

    MSN signed in in 2 places?

    Hi, I am looking for some PC help and will so grateful for some reassurance. I open my MSN and then I click on my e-mails to open. After the e-mails open a message has started to pop up saying I am signed in in 2 locations and all info will be displayed fo both. However, I only ever use one...
  11. S

    msn hotmail help

    i just tried logging on my msn at 4pm today and it said someone has been trying to enter my msn they enter wrong info too many times and now they froze my account and try later.... even now- its 2am- and its still frozen. i entered the secret password postcode everything but it is saying someone...
  12. Martyn


    If anyone has been trying to add me to their msn can they pm me first? I don't add people unless I know them. I have helped a few people remotely with their computers and internet so maybe the requests come from that. There are three people at the moment asking to be added, I won't post their...
  13. maggie

    MSN live messenger.

    Right Im going to have a rant any anbody who can help me can come to akbuk and ill give em a private pole dance. I really think I should post this in Geeky stuff so admins please feel free to move it if needed. My computter has had a epileptic fit and done all sorts of funny things like losing...
  14. luckycat68

    trouble with msn

    is anyone else having trouble with signing in to msn this last 3 days cos i have ???:angry:
  15. F

    MSN Help please

    I am sure one of the Boffins on the forum will be able to help me, I can not get MSN Messenger loaded all I get is the following message Runtime Error ! Program:C:\ProgramFiles\Windows Live\Messenger\MSN Msgr Exe R6025 - pure virtual function call Please can one of the boffins help an old man...
  16. I

    MSN Hackers

    Good morning Guys and Ladies, I recieved a e-mail from one of my contacts yesterday asking me to click on a link which shows people who have blocked you on MSN. When you click into link:, it will ask you for hotmail address and password! If anyone does recieve this message DO...
  17. Andy

    MSN to charge user fee

    Microsoft is reportedly planning to start charging surfers for the improved services of its MSN internet portal. The site receives 200 million visits a month worldwide, and is the UK's most viewed website. We will build extra services into MSN and start monetising this within a year Neil...
  18. wiuru

    Does Anyone Remember Jens Msn Quotation?

    Does anyone remember the quotation Jen had beside her msn addy name? It went something like "living with heartache loving with all of my heart" Jen changed her message to put up a Christmas & New year greeting for everyone and forgot to change it back. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who...
  19. G

    Jen's (MTC) MSN and phone

    Please be aware that Jennie's 2 boys are flying out (hopefully) on Friday and they are going to be using Jen's MSN account and her mobile phone - so if you get a message or text it is from the boys. I have just spoken to Callum and they are holding our remarkably well, I told him our thoughts...
  20. W

    Help needed with picture attachments on msn

    I know some clever member will be able to help me everytime I open a picture attachment in my msn messenger as well as the pictures sent to me I am also opening up all other pictures I have viewed eg ebay pictures, houses I have looked at for sale on estate agents web pages with properties for...
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