1. shirleyanntr

    good luck Giglets and Mrs Giglets

    May i wish you all the best on your imminent return to Bonnie Scotland take care may all your dreams come true :224xb:
  2. luckycat68

    Happy birthday mrs yalides

    Hope you have a super birthday Diane -- wish I could be there for your birthday meal -- have a super time -- some photos please , and look after my man LOL xx:474cu::474cu::pressie::cheer2::cheer2:
  3. pepperkat

    Mrs Brown

    Just watched the latest episode of Mrs Brown funniest ever:95im:
  4. shirleyanntr

    mrs erdoğan and Downs syndrome

    the Pms wıfe has saıd she wıshed all handıcapped people had Downs Syndrome as they go dırect to heaven when they dıe. this is so objectionable on many fronts and so naive for a world leaders wife to make public statements of this kind. Does she have a direct line with the Almighty and do other...
  5. S

    Mrs Jesus??

    Jesus Had a Wife, Newly Discovered Gospel Suggests - Yahoo! News UK
  6. Lillylilly

    And you thought Mrs Bobbits revenge was extreme!!

    'I saved my honour': Mother shot and decapitated rapist who made her pregnant and then dumped his head in village square | Mail Online Good for her - lets hope she dont get put in prison!!!
  7. Sunny Seasider

    Mrs Browns' Boys

    This programme is just the tonic if you need to take yourself away for a good belly laugh. Tonight's episode was another one of those, it just so makes me laugh, we are hoping to get tickets for the shows tour this September. It is the last one in the series this Saturday, we will not miss. In...
  8. alison09400

    Mrs Brown's Boys

    Has anyone else been watching this new series on BBC1? My hubby and I sat and watched the first 2 episodes on Saturday night via iplayer. I have never laughed at anything on TV the way I laughed at that programme. The tears were trippin' me :gulme::gulme: I thought it was hilarious. The...
  9. petermcintosh

    Mr and Mrs McIntosh Wedding Photos Part 2

    hi again, some more photo's from our big day.. cheers, peter
  10. petermcintosh

    Mr and Mrs McIntosh Wedding Photos

    Here are some of the photos from our wedding yesterday in Clydebank... Cheers, Peter
  11. T

    mrs t kuleli

    hi i live in england mairred to a turkish man we vistit turkey as much as we can, but its only for one or two weeks at a time. every time we go its gets harder to come back england . is there any one on here who lives turkey & still got a base in england when you want to come home , we both...
  12. J

    New Mrs Williams

    Absolutely gutted Robbie Williams has just announced he will marry his girlfriend tomorrow. All those years I have been saving myself and he just dumps me for some young, gorgeous model type. Jane:crying:
  13. arrian

    mr and mrs woof/woof!!

    Ruff Love: Yorkshire Terriers Wed In Brazil - Yahoo! News UK
  14. gerald

    Irish humour - Mrs Brown

    Short piece of Video taken from the play for the love of Mrs Brown which has now been commissioned by the BBC. Very funny for me, but may be a little strong for some so don't click without thinking. Lets hope it lives up to this promo: YouTube - For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Sample
  15. SLEEPY

    Here is to you Mrs Robertson!

    Are any of you folks following the fascinating story of the North’s First Ministers wife Mrs Robertson . In summary she is an MP, MLA and a councillor, a hard line bible thumper, anti gay ('homo sexuals are an abomination') who has just admitted to a recent affair with an 19 year (boy).Adding...
  16. KKOB

    For The Love Of Mrs Brown

    Warning: Viewer discretion is advised 'cos there's a lot of ******* swearing. YouTube - For The Love Of Mrs. Brown Sample
  17. KKOB

    Do You Remember Mrs Miller ?

    She was an icon of the late 1960s and her voice was compared to the sound of "roaches scurrying across a trash can lid." :gulme: Enjoy ! YouTube - Mrs. Miller - Hard Days Night
  18. K

    Mrs Sadece (sp.) Mandalinci

    I know some of you out there may not have heard of the sudden death of Mrs Mandalinci (I believe of a heart attack) yesterday. She was well known to many of us who have been long time visitors to (and now residents in) Turgutreis. The loss of yet another great character. My condolences to her...
  19. M

    Does anyone know Mrs Rose

    She teaches English at a school in Altinkum. Does anyone know her?
  20. no-nem

    Mrs who's birthday

    A wedding and a birthday so close,lets hope Mr who remembers!! have a great day!!
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