1. O

    MRI Breast in Izmir - any suggestions?

    I'm wondering whether anyone has any recommendations of a hospital in Izmir for breast MRI. And, of course, for anything that might need to be done after that. This is in connection with what the local surgeon has described as a 'suspicious mass' in the breast. Somewhere that has an...
  2. M

    MRI Scan info

    Hi can anyone tell me how much it would cost for a MRI scan and which hospital in marmaris is best to get it done.
  3. J

    mri meeting about royal heights

    is anyone going to this mri meeting this weekend in birmingham reguarding royal heights.
  4. C

    Mri Body Scan

    Hi is there any were with in the Dalaman area that offers the MRI scan at a reasnoble cost my friend and I thought we would get a full body check including a scan, it is quite pricey in the UK has any one any information they can help me with. Many Thanks Madeleine :5:
  5. Higgy

    MRI Property Developers

    MRI has just taken a bit of a bashing c/o The Sunday Times, it was one of those undercover reps or a disillusioned member of staff whistle blowing. The report alleged similar goings on to the old time share scams. All allegedly as the lawers will say. Yes that is who we are buying with, Oops...
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