1. kemerkid

    Replacing Mozzie Nets

    I have heard in the past on this forum people asking about fly screen net replacement and where to find people to do this. Why not do it yourself, it's a snap. The following few posts will show you how easy it is and how few tools you will need. The screen I have shown took 90 minutes in the...
  2. Miss Money Penny

    strange mozzie bite

    Last summer I had one bite that didn't go away, instead it kept growing into a hard red lump on the back of my calf. I can't remember what the Dr called it but he said it was harmless but because of the size ( the biggest he has seen)he would remove it. Today I went to the surgery and the Dr...
  3. M

    Mozzie spraying

    Hi, When we were in Ovacik in June the municipality were out in trucks spraying the mosquito's - is it true that the night/day after the spray the mozzies head indoors to get away from the pesticide? What is the best way of keeping mozzies out of your villa or at least keep them from not...
  4. sunshine

    DIY mozzie nets.....

    Does anyone know if migros or any other retailer,sell DIY mozzie nets? Has anyone tried these,if so are they easy to put up and do they do the job? or are we waisting our time and would we be better of getting them made. We have been quoted £54.00 for 3 windows,is it a lot cheaper to do it...
  5. G

    mozzie nets

    [8D]does any one know anyone who fits mozzie nets to doors windows?[?]
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