1. A

    LaLa Land the Movie

    We went to see this in Cardiff today and were very very disappointed. It is neither a musical nor a love story but a teeny bit of both. The 2 main actors were over acting all the way and he had close knit eyes that looked wrong. Have no idea whatsoever why it is up for 11 BAFTA awards. What...
  2. E

    Movie theatres?

    Do any of them show movies in english or with english subtitles? If so which ones, please?
  3. ted j

    Movie 2k scuppered

    Since the copyright police closed this and project free tv down the free film sites have been falling by the wayside One German site trying to copy movie2k and calling itself movie4k has emerged, but it is crap I have found this Movies - Viooz Anybody got any more that are still working?
  4. tomc1984

    Seems a good movie and TV show site

    The Dare Tv - Your Favorite Tv Shows And Movies Online And Free This seems ok to some extent. Think you need to scroll down to open video when you find what you want and not click "play now". Just found it so not too sure.
  5. S

    New 9/11 Movie

    Sheen and Harrelson to star in 9/11 'truther' film - Yahoo! Movies UK
  6. C

    Movie theater with English

    Hi all, I actually live in Alanya but my boyfriend is obsessed with watching the new spiderman movie (and batman when it comes out) and it is not showing in English in Alanya. My question is if anyone knows if spiderman is playing in a movie theater in Antalya. If yes, which theater? We would...
  7. C

    Movie Theatres with English

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone knew of any movie theatres playing films in English? I've tried Alanyum but no luck so far. Cheers, Cici
  8. A

    NYPD Used Anti-Muslim Movie For Training

    According to the New York Times, the New York Police Department showed the anti-Muslim documentary 'The Third Jihad' between three months and one year of training at its COBRA (Chemical, Ordinance, Biological, and Radiological) Unit. 'The Third Jihad' showed Muslim terrorists shooting...
  9. J

    Best movie never made

    I was looking at De Loreans on the net, and wondered why so many of them were in Ireland. So I had a quick look into the history, the enigmatic John de Lorean and the amazing looking car for the time, building a car plant in Belfast in 1980 with a mixed community workforce, Thatcher and the FBI...
  10. abba

    Movie Test

    Movie Night... You’ll be surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is pretty damn amazing. I was surprised how this worked. Be honest and don't look at the movie list till you have done the math – it will really amaze you! Try this test and find out what movie is your favorite. This amazing math...
  11. S

    Favourite movie song & dance scenes

    Here's 2 of mine YouTube - Pulp Fiction (Dance Scene) YouTube - Blues Brothers - Shake Your Tail Feather Sue
  12. A

    Unthinkable. The movie

    hi evrybody i offer to evrybody to watching unthinkable movies i had watch lastnight this is have ever fantastic movies i watch in my life enjoying it. atecan
  13. Protanopia

    Your Favourite Movies

    I like psychological thriller movies (Lost Highway, Seven, Donnie Darko) I am also very interested in absurd comedy and indie films; Naked Gun series, Monty Phyton's films, Top Secret, Airplane For indie, my favourites are Zavet, Underground, Hable Con Ella, Celda 211... So, What are your...
  14. S

    Uzumlu -The Movie

    Inspired by the recently posted excellent movie about Fethiye (thanks number6) Ted and myself have decided to produce an epic about Uzumlu Have any of you Uzumluites, or non Uzumluites any ideas about what we should include? (keep it relatively clean!)
  15. peter the postie

    Mindy ... The movie

    :) Getting heavier by the day... The eleven week old terror at play. YouTube - Mindy the Shorkie puppy
  16. ceemac

    Turkey Seeking To Attract Share Of Bollywood Movie Production

    Turkey aims to become one of the movie sets for Bollywood, Indian film industry, which produces nearly 1,400 movies a year. Here C
  17. R

    Sex and the city Movie, yesss

    Yahoo! Movies: Sex and the City 2 (2010) Not long to go now. I so love the soundtrack to this too, Empire State of Mind. Brill...
  18. P

    Avatar the movie?

    Has anyone seen the movie Avatar? I saw it last night and all I can say is 'WOW!'. It is truely a visual spectacular, the scenery, the characters, just awsome. Its about as close to experiencing the wonders of another planet for real as any of us are likely to ever get. What they have done to...
  19. SuperBogs

    Online movie website???

    I am looking for a free online movie website to watch some movies when I have some free time, anyone know of some great ones that can be used in Turkey? Bob
  20. ceemac

    Avatar - The Most Expensive Movie Ever

    I can't wait to see this - I love space movies - Sigourney Weaver even more!! Out next week. 'The most-hyped film of the year has finally been unveiled, and now critics are deciding if it really is out of this world.' Here C
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