1. S

    Mountain bikes for sale

    Hi We have a ladies and mens mountain bikes for sale brought over from the uk Both are Carrera bought from halfords. Front suspension disc brake aluminium frame both in very good condition. Mans has upgrades forks and handle bars Anyone interested please drop me a line
  2. Jaycey

    Horse kills mountain lion

    This may be a first... A couple from Montana were out riding on the range - he with his rifle and she with her camera. Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion, a mountain lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs (you'll see the dogs in the background watching). Bad decision...
  3. A

    Mountain road

    Does anyone what the condition of the mountain road from the airport to Akbuk is like at the moment
  4. J

    3 Bedroom Semi Detached Villa in Akbuk with beautiful sea & mountain views

    3 Bedroom Semi-detached villa in Akbuk has been renovated to a high standard and rewired to British specification. It has a new shower room, ground floor cloakroom and also a new kitchen. The ground floor has an open plan layout. All bedrooms have great views and even better views from the...
  5. A

    Any Mountain Biking in Bodrum area?

    Hi, My son is coming out to Yalikavak 2nd October. He is very keen on mountain biking and will be bringing his Cross country bike. Is there a club in the Bodrum area or any form of organised trails? adrianmol
  6. shirleyanntr

    Alanya's mountain areas

    Now that the weather is opening up its time to explore the mountain areas. There are six yaylası...plateaus in the mountains above Alanya. these are areas where in the old days people from the town would take their animals to the yayla tablelands for summer grazing and to get away from the...
  7. I

    Berenese mountain dog/ pup needs new home

    To a good home ( based in Izmir but we would be happy to take him further afield if the home is right) 9 months old male bernese mountain dog mix ( tri colour black brown and white neck photos available) Rescued as a 2 month old puppy in a terrrible state Has had all of his primary...
  8. M

    Mountain bike rental?

    Hi All: I am interested in renting a mountain bike in or near Side - do you know where/how that might be possible? Thanks! Miss L
  9. Jillyj

    How much are mountain bikes

    Does anyone know how much a mountain bike costs? Thinking of cyling to work to slim down this wide load im carrying around these days!!!!! Cheers Jilly
  10. T

    Mountain Bike Wanted

    I'm arriving in Kemer tomorrow for a week. My first visit to my new house. Would like to know if anyone has one for sale, or where I can buy one in the area??? Are they cheaper than buying in UK? Cheers PS Anyone here in Kemer tooooo???
  11. driver

    dont use the mountain road for bodrum

    last week i went to the bodrum airport to take a customer i preferred the mountain road. i advise you not to choice this road because everywhere is holed. i went there in midnight so suddenly a big pig throw itself front of my car . DONT GO THERE CERTAINLY :27:
  12. T

    That "Dice with Death" mountain road

    Hi All As you may know we have bought an apartment in Fethiye recently and plan to visit twice this year. We visited Stoupa in Greece tw years ago and had the transfer by coach from Kalamata Airport across the mountain road and down into Stoupa. We also visited Grasse in Provence France 5 years...
  13. R

    Mountain Bikes

    Hi Everyone. We are thinking about buying mountain bikes as it's quite flat(ish) around Dalaman. You can buy them quite cheaply in the UK now and it costs £35 to take them on the flight with us (excel). Don't know how much they are over there-has anyone bought one or any kind of bike, and how...
  14. A

    Mountain Road To Akbuk

    I am sure I will be advised against using this route in the dark but I have seen Mushtaq's map from the old forum and it looks a tempting route so for future ref can anyone tell me how I would find the mountain road to Akbuk from the airport and do you just keep to the same road all the way? Is...
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