1. T

    Climbing Mount Olympos

    Hi we are driving to Adrasan on 19th september and planning to do a small amount of the Lycian Way and a day walking/running Mt Olympos. looking at driving up to Beycik and walking from there to the top and back. i reckon its about 20 miles in total and 4500' climbing. anyone had any experience...
  2. Sailor

    Mount Ararat

    I've been away on the high seas for a while so have been reading on what more would be places I can visit when I'm over in June/July. Is Mount Ararat in a militarised zone and still closed to the public? If so, will it open again? I would like to visit some lakes anywhere within a day and half...
  3. VWBug

    Mount NEMRUT

    At the junction of the East and West civilisations, Nemrut Dagi (Mount Nemrut) is one of the most astounding sites in Turkey: A collection of colossal statues on a remote mountain 2150m high, adorning the temple and tomb of King Antiochus. Unknown until 1881 when an Ottoman geologist discovered...
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