1. peter the postie

    ruby's northern soul & Motown night

    has anyone tried the new ruby's bar soul nights on a Thursday? Just wondering if it might be worth a looksie :)
  2. Lillylilly

    Northern Soul and Motown Dance Music Night

    Just to let anyone who is interested know Kev of cKts Cafe bar and Music Club is having a Northern Soul and Motown Night on Thursday 10th July. Hopefully the first of many themed music nights for us grown ups in Altinkum. Complimentary Punch, Sangria and nibbles and some talcum powder on the...
  3. peter the postie

    Here comes Motown Volume 2 folks :)

    Glad people are making use of this. I am off to Altinkum tomorrow (10th sept) so the next volume won't be uploaded for a couple of weeks. Following on from the previous thread and comments made, I have decided to pull the link I originally posted here. Sorry guy's.
  4. peter the postie

    Free motown anyone?

    I have motown chartbusters volumes 1 - 12. I am going to upload them periodically for any motown lovers :) Here's volume 1 Sorry link removed following on from the thread
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