1. D

    Customs law leaving a motorbike in Turkey

    I am riding from the UK to Turkey then staying with a friend for a few days in Turkey and then flying home and leaving my bike with my friend to continue my trip in the spring. Is it possible to leave the country without my bike and return later?
  2. M

    Motorbike License

    I have a Turkish Driving license after completing the process with DVLA/Consulate etc etc but they have not given a full motorbike category i have A full UK motorcycle licence and they only gave me TR category A2-B. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. D

    Leaving a Turkish registered motorbike in an EU country.

    Hi good folk, Has anybody left a Turkish registered vehicle/ motorbike in an EU country and then had problems getting back into Turkey? We left Turkey on the motorbike so it was checked out of the country at the Turkish/Bulgaria border. We have had problems with the bike and wish to fly back...
  4. G

    Motorbike export from Turkey to Georgia

    Hello.. I've searched the forum about common case but i couldn't find anything. I would like to know if I can buy a motorbike (100cc) from Turkey and export it in the Republic of Georgia. I will enter Turkey with a tourist visa. Thank you in advance for your replies!
  5. M


    At present I ride a 125cc with my UK licence the question I would like an answer to is am I allowed to ride a 250cc or do I have to take a Turkish test
  6. H

    Can I sell my motorbike without Residency.

    Sold our villa in Yalikavak last year after almost a decade of summers out there. I bought a motorbike long before the many rule changes came into force and always kept tax & insurance up to date. Then out of the blue the normal insurance renewal, a 5 minute visit to the local Sigorta office...
  7. gally

    Motorbike Licence in Turkey?

    Hi can anyone tell me the process of obtaining a motorbike licence in Turkey? I understand I can't ride anything above 50cc on my UK licence and I would like to get a scooter 100cc ish Thanks
  8. H

    Need advice on how to keep a UK motorbike

    Hi all, An english friend is wintering in my villa in Dalyan. He came over a few months ago on a motorbike purchased in UK (google for an entertaining description of his escapades en route). Can anyone help him to unravel the complexities of keeping a UK registered motorbike in...
  9. T

    Motorbike Festival 22-25 August

    Just a reminder, Koycegiz will be hosting thier 2nd Annual Motorbike Festival on 22-25 August, at the camp site by delta beach. Everybody welcome
  10. J

    Wanted motorbike or trike

    Hi All Does any one in the Oba, Alanya, Mahmutla or any other areas, have either a large custom motorcycle over 500 cc or a trike for sale. thanks jolizos
  11. overmars

    Motorcycle hire in Gundogan or Yalikavak

    Hello, I am interested in hiring a motorcycle for a few days to do a bit of exploring. Something like a 125cc scooter with room for two. I'd only need it for 2 or 3 days. Is there anywhere I can hire one, either from a company or a local resident? I have a full driving license and a provisional...
  12. Sha Hoorsur

    Motorbike to Turkey

    I’m thinking of bringing my bike over to Turkey. I know you have to lodge some sort of bond to get Turkish plates, but does anyone know roughly how much? Is it based on the value of the bike? The paperwork is no problem; I have a Turkish friend who will help me out with that. It’s just the...
  13. V

    Tax Free motorbike

    Hi for all, Just now I found some info about Tax Free Cars and M plates but also I have one more question. So does anybody knows are there same rules for New Tax Free motorbikes too? I would be very appreciated if someone can give brief answer, cause looking for the best option in this mad...
  14. Y

    Crash helmet for motorbike passenger - pros and cons?

    After coming through Ramazan İftar rushhour traffic in Fethiye yesterday evening as a passenger on a motorbike, it occurred to me buying a crash helmet might be a good idea ... or am I worrying too much? We only use the motorbike for short trips into and around the town (a car for longer trips...
  15. J

    Motorbike for sale?

    Hi, we have finally moved here and are now living in Avsallar - 2 weeks!!! We have realised we need some form of transport and were wondering if anyone knows of a second hand motorbike or quad bike that is for sale. Please let me know I would be most grateful.
  16. K

    buying a motorbike

    hello all lets hope the help is out there :16vf: i have an apartment in fethiye and i have an eye on a motorbike in antalya the question is can i drive down there and pay for it and pick it up the same day , iam assuming they will have to change plates and tax it also i will have to get...
  17. A

    Motorbike wanted

    Hi. I am looing to buy a motorbike, not new, 750cc or 900cc sports or sports tourer style. There seems to be a lack of shops in the Alanya area. Am prepared to go as far as Antalya for the right one. Does anybody have one for sale, know of one for sale or can point me in the direction for some...
  18. G

    motorbike hire

    can anyone help ?? i have friends coming over in september who would like to hire motorbikes (not scooters) preferably about 750cc (ish) does anyone know where they could hire any from? for about 10 days or so ? we are in akbuk ,but they can get to most places ,but mostly want to travel around...
  19. altinkum kev

    Men only motorbike

    I did warn you ladies not to look
  20. altinkum kev

    My new motorbike

    Its a real pig to handle
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