1. Akasya

    Motor spares / supplies

    Morning , in the UK we have access to Halfords etc. for motor supplies , i would like to get the correct grade oils ( 3 ) need for our bike in Turkey . Is there an equivalent to Halfords in Turkey ? If so anything in the Bodrum / Milas area ? Many thanks , Steve
  2. yalimart

    Dad's got a new motor.

    Having a clearout of our Dads personal stuff and you literally have to go through every envelope that he has horded over the years and you find little gems like this, he was in the Fleet air Arm after the war working on Hurricanes so this could be his first motor, anyone id the aircraft, it...
  3. K

    Motor insurance

    I have purchased a motor home ( RV) the traffic insurance is over 3000 tl per year can I just insure it for the summer months and park it off the road for the rest of the year here in Turkey.
  4. J

    Motor Bike for sale?

    Hi, has anyone got a motorbike for sale - touring type, 250cc or so? Thanks
  5. christella

    motor home for sale

    we are giving up all together so there is every thing you need also extras are rear camera tow bar with trailer microwave the cooker runs on gas and has one electric plate two fold up bikes brand new internal gas tank this is a Warwick duo auto-sleeper two berth metallic gold 2 years old less...
  6. S

    Buying motor insurance to enter Serbia & Turkey

    Hi I'm planning a trip down to Turkey in my camper this year. I've been told I can buy insurance at the borders going into Turkey but was wondering if this was also possible going into Serbia as my motor insurance only covers Europe. It is going to be too expensive to cancel my present insurance...
  7. Akasya

    Motor Insurance in Turkey

    Now then , as a non resident , property owner in Turkey , who only avails themselves a 90 in 180 visa , can i insure a motorcycle loaned to me , i would be prepared to insure for the whole year , whilst still resident in the UK. The motorcycle would be bought by self but registered i a friends...
  8. A

    Motor bike for sale - Alanya

    SUZUKI GSXF-750 2003 model in grey and is in excellent condition. Only 56000 km and rides exceptionally well. Easy in the town and comfortable on a longer cruise. All paperwork is in order and paid to date. A great all round motorbike. 10750 Lira Offers invited. For further information and...
  9. Harem

    Selling motor bike with no residence permit

    My friend has a motorbike here in Turkey which he bought when there were no restrictions, i.e. must have residence permit. He now wants to sell it but still has no residence permit. We are in the Fethiye area. I seem to remember that there was/is a notar where he can get the paperwork done...
  10. SLEEPY

    Nice motor

    Recently I have been thinking of changing the War Departments motor but my god cars are so expensive here compared to home. Any suggestions from you Top Gear buffs on a suitable 4 by 4 (will never see mud) that will not break the bank.
  11. B

    Hiring Motor Scooter In Akbuk

    Does anyone know if you can hire a Motor Scooter in Akbuk; or do you have to go to Altinkum? If you can hire one in Akbuk, where; and how much are they? Thanks. Mel.
  12. newhorizon

    Do you think new Motor rules could be enforced in countries like Turkey or others?

    Some comments on another thread prompted me into wondering whether better Health & Safety as in Motor Driving Rules is really possible in countries such as Turkey or India, Pakistan, Morrocco, Egypt etc or is that the luxury only possible in Western fully developed nations with a better economy...
  13. L


    can anyone tell me if i buy a new car in turkey can i drive in and out of turkey to the uk
  14. christella

    motor home for sale

    Augusta auto cruise 3 liter 6 forward gears 30 miles to the gall 2007 Nov 57 plate its hardly been used less than 7,000 miles extras include full awning, solar panel, everything that is in the van gas bottles pots and pans cutlery plates it comes with a microwave fridge and cooker its just less...
  15. S

    Green Card International Motor Insurance

    Advice please guys - again on the subject of driving to Turkey. I have just received the green card international insurance from my insurnace company and despite my telling them that we were driving through Serbia the SRB bit has been crossed out and there is a clause that says - the cover...
  16. H

    Inflatable Motor Boat

    Hi there! I've bought a nice property around Belek, close to golf courses, on a river bank. The sea is around 5 km down the river. There is a big boat that goes from our villas to the sea, twice a day... But it is available from 15th of May until 15th of September, only. (I have swimmed on 1st...
  17. jcrian

    Motor Cycle Licence

    On my driving licence I have a category P. Looking on the Direct gov website it says I can drive Mopeds with an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc and a maximum design speed not exceeding 50km/h So does that mean in Turkey I can ride a moped up to 50cc capacity with a passenger?
  18. A

    G.h.p. Four stroke motor

    6.h.p. Four stroke motor Mariner, short shaft outboard motor, 2 years old, only 20 hours use, excellent condition, selling due to lack of use. Will be in Turkey for the next fortnight, so can be picked up immediatley if sold. Cost £1100+, sell for £800 ono. Tel 07838 528833.
  19. P

    Motor homes in the UK

    I have a family member who is thinking about buying a motor home for holidays but with a view of trying to rent it out some weeks of the year. Apparently they have found a company that does a management kind of thing to help with bookings, etc. Sound like an interesting plan if they can get it...
  20. petere

    9.9 hp outboard motor for sale

    Selva 9.9hp twostroke outboard motor for sale. 2004 model but good condition. 1200 ytl ono. located kalkan. PM me
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