1. bickern

    Branded a rapist monster by his own MOTHER

    Sutton was branded a 'monster' and 'a rapist c***' by his own mother and an ex girlfriend who said she was happy he is dead. His mother posted about his death on Facebook. She wrote: 'I hope you rot in hell Marc Thomas Sutton. 'My only disappointment is you died instantly. For any horrified...
  2. bickern

    Mother who died after a 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic

    Such a shame but people forget that surgery of any kind carries grave risk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A self-conscious mother who died after a £3,000 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic was paranoid about her stomach after having...
  3. T

    Happy Mother's Day Ladies :)

    To Mum's everywhere, enjoy our special day, because each & every one of us is Special :) All my love to my Mum, remembered & cherished today & always xxx
  4. ibrahimwoah

    So my mother likes using hypo...

    Me and my mother went to the biggest Migros in our town and couldn't find any hypo. We go to a shop dedicated to cleaning, we still can't find any hypo! I go online to see if HepsiBurada has hypo, STILL CAN'T FIND ANY HYPO! It's the only type of bleach my mother has found that does little to no...
  5. bal canavar

    British Mother shock...

    If true shame on Daesh and and this sick British mother Sally Jones (or any mother that could do below, and allow thier child ) who took her children to Syria to fight for DAESH It is alleged Sally Jones from Chatam Kent UK ( known Daesh propagandist ) has allowed her 11 year old...
  6. yalimart

    Mother Board

    I have an old PC that runs slower than slow, I dont want to spend a fortune but was considering a new mother board and processor, there is little point in just upping the RAM as its a win 32 bit machine, I would probably look to install 8GB of Ram Ive never undertaken anything like this so need...
  7. T

    Happy Mother's Day Girls :)

    Wishing all our ladies a totally fabulous day, hope you're all spoilt rotten, enjoy :Flower: My sons treating me to a meal at a destination yet to be revealed! :)
  8. Spurs

    Executed his own Mother

    Horror of horrors !! Islamic State militant 'executes own mother' in Raqqa - BBC News
  9. T

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's day girls, hope everyone is spoilt rotten & has an absolutely fabulous day :52:
  10. bickern

    Mother shot dead by her toddler son

    What are people thinking to leave guns lying around where a 3 year old can find it? I imagine it was left loaded in case of a rapid need to use it, is that an indication of the culture or the neighborhood where they lived? 26 years old!!!!!! So young, and the child will carry it the thought...
  11. bal canavar

    Your wife sister,mother,grandmother

    She was 64 most likely someone's sister ,mother maybe even grandmother who decided, with her husband to stand up and be counted. So she decided to join a protest over the damage she had seen happen to her city, with deforestation caused my mega projects. She joined a protest in Kadikoy and...
  12. teosgirl

    Turkish mother and two infants to be jailed

    Campaign seeks pardon for condemned mother and daughters - LOCAL Thanks to the ridiculous terrorism laws in Turkey, this mother faces two years in prison along with her twin daughters. Kılınç was working as a sales representative at the Mesopotamian Culture Center. When one of her clients was...
  13. Jaycey

    A mother's love

    There is nothing so touching as a parent's love for it's young ...
  14. bickern

    Daughters confess to stabbing mother 25 times in Turkey

    Two İzmir girls murdered their mother by stabbing her 25 times, their confessions revealed, in a case that has gripped the nation’s attention since the news of the victim’s death broke out several days ago. Şeyda, aged 19, and her sister, two years younger, identified as B.P., admitted to...
  15. teosgirl

    Jihad, I am a bomb - mother in court

    Jihad Boy Wears 9/11 Bomb T-Shirt To School I find this mother and her brothers actions totally sickening. I do believe in freedom of expression, and the right to share a point of view in an appropriate time or place, without any intention to hurt another persons feelings. While I believe we...
  16. suzyq

    Unemployed single mother on benefits who spends £2,000 on Christmas

    Really makes me angry when I read articles like this. Why is the Government allowing this to happen? :ranting: While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has £2,000 to spend on designer...
  17. keny

    four year old's on mother's resident permit?

    We are having visitors who wish to stay beyond the 90/180 days.Can the mother use our address to get a permit annd are her 4 year old twins allowed on the permit?Thank you if you can help.
  18. J

    My Mother is coming to Turkey with me (88yrs of age)

    We are coming to Marmaris in October this year to stay hopefully for good. My Mother wants to come with me and my son at the age of 88, we have had many holidays over the years and she has always loved it so have no worries there, insurance will be a problem but the immediate problem I face is...
  19. B

    Father and Mother jailed

    Parents jailed for attacking daughter because she had black boyfriend - Telegraph I don't think these sentences are nearly severe enough. I appreciate that this crime is not as serious as the "honour killing" by the other parents. However a message should go...
  20. A

    mother having relationship with boy young enough to be her grandson

    My 80 year old mum andmy youngest sister sister moved to turkey 7 years ago. My mother began a relationship with a young chef . She has bought him an apartment ,motorbike laptops jewellry clothes cigarettes phones and continues to do so even though he has moved back to Ankara to manage his...
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