1. CJD

    Emperor Moth

    This beauty flew into our lounge tonight we think its a female Emperor moth she is huge, we think she had just pupated as her wings where still settling she happily crawled onto our hands and posed
  2. culturevulture

    moth balls??

    Does anyone know if moth balls are available in Turkey, please? Although I hate the smell off them, I am going to have to use them, assuming they are to be found here. Last weekend during the cold snap, I took out some warm clothing and found that some of them had holes in them. I will be going...
  3. KKOB

    The Oleander Hawk Moth

    This fine specimen was on one of our mossie screens. The image is lifesize and I measured it's wingspan at 8cms so it's a bit below the average size of 9.5 cms.
  4. bobthenob

    The pantry Moth

    l copied this article from a web page about the troublesome pantry moth that we have here in Turkey l had a huge problem last year when l opened the food cabinet door and loads of these moths flew out and were flying all around the kitchen. l checked the bags that contained the cereals and rice...
  5. Karyn UK

    Hummingbird Hawk Moth

    Now I am a little hazy on ornithology after spending most of my life with -6 vision in both eyes - Condor, what condor?? But I really thought I had seen a hummingbird in our Kirazli garden this evening. I'd had hummingbirds in the garden in Mexico and loved them and was delighted to think I...
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