1. G

    mot (tuv) online booking instructions

    Hi All, I once read a post on here detailing how to book an mot online, I've tried searching for the post without success, can anyone direct me to the post? thks in advance
  2. J

    Booking online appt for MOT

    Hi folks, I'm having no end of problems booking an online appointment on the TUVTURK website. When I get to entering the city name there are only three choices coming up, none of which are my city. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I

    MOT for scooter

    I understand that a scooter needs to have an MOT when 3 years old. Can someone tell me how much it is please? Thanks.
  4. G

    M.O.T. In Didim market

    Does anyone know when the next MOT day is in Didim market, I know it is once a month but don't know the day/date. Thanks in advance
  5. K

    MOT in Turkey

    Hi, My car is due a service and MOT, do you know if I get my car serviced will the garage go and arrange MOT at the testing station, if not what papers do I need to take to MOT station in Serik.
  6. R

    MOT and License in Izmir

    Need to get my in laws car inspected. Where is the inspection station? We live in Balcova. Also, got my residence card and would like to get my turkish license. Was told I just need to apply and dont need to take any this true? I also have motorcycle endorsement on my US license.
  7. kemerkid

    Turkish MOT.

    My vehicle needs to have an MOT on Friday. They usually expect to money in cash as opposed to debit card which I am now used to. The fee including the exhaust imissions test has been around 200 TL for the last couple of years. I was wondering if anyone has had a test in recent weeks and can tell...
  8. D

    First MOT test due?

    First MOT test for a car is due 3 years from date of first registration - right? (Plenty of publicity to this effect.) Wrong! At least if your car was assembled outside Turkey. My Ford Focus, first reg 5-12-2012 was due its first test on 9-10-2014 according to rather small print (in English I...
  9. dalamanjane


    car needs its first mot,if i book a day and a time will they do the emissions test at the same time or do i have to make a separate appointment for the emissions test,only i cant find how to book for the emissions test on their website Thanks
  10. S

    vehicle mot

    Just a quickie I know to buy and sell your car you must have residency However is residency required to complete your mot?
  11. L

    Car MOT

    Hi all....... On a non-commercial vehicle without any modifications is the 1st MOT for your car, if brought from new in Turkey the standard 3 years from registration date like in England or is it another messy usual Turkish way followed by 100 different daily changing rules and payments to...
  12. K

    Mot Turkey

    Can anybody tell me if there is a MOT testing Station in Manavgat, if so address, as i need to get MOT but it is a nightmare in Antalya.
  13. mollag

    M.O.T the hoople

    Just finished our bi-annual MOT--- hoop jumping fest, we allowed for 2 days but it stretched to 3. What a relief now its over, it seemed so much more stressful this time, bets its me 2 years older rather than anything else, still me little Kartal is looking and running fine. Nice to report a...
  14. K

    MOT in Turkey

    Hi All, I need to get MOT for my car in Turkey, i am not back there until Sept this year, it was due for MOT in Feb, can anyone tell me if i will be fined for late MOT test. I have not got MOT before in Turkey, can i get a friend to do it for me,if so what papers will my friend need. Any idea of...
  15. L

    Health MOT check up?

    Hi Does anyone know if the general Health check up in hospitals are still available? I know Solutions Insurance used to offer one, but have now stopped offering this with their insurance. If anyone knows of a hospital operating the service (in the Aydin area only) please could you leave...
  16. P

    MOT Soke

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. Please can you help? Does anyone know how the TUV (MoT) testing centre operates in Soke? We have a Benzene and Gas car, do we have to get an emitions test for the Gas before we go to the TUV test centre? If so where do we get this from in Soke?
  17. P

    Scooter MOT

    Does anyone know the laws on Scooter MOT's. Here in Kalkan, I think they have a mobile inspection team come each month. I need to know when the test is required. On a new scooter - is it required after 3 years or 2 years? When is the 'new bike' taken from? If it was maybe unregistered for a...
  18. Yalides

    Car MOT

    Car going for its first MOT next week. What do I need to take ? Insurance and road tax all up to date. Fire extinguisher, triangle, neck brace, first aid kit all on board. Anything I have forgotten like two neck braces, extra red triangles etc needed ? Thanks
  19. D

    car test (muayene) (MOT)

    Does anyone know what the fine is on a car whose test date is long overdue?
  20. A

    scooter mot

    hi can anyone let me no i have to get my scooter mot done as its of that age and just woundered if anybody knew what i need to take paperwork etc ....thanks in advance:9:
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