1. G


    are mossies seasonal cos just got back from akbuk and hardly saw one where as in may june last year was eaten alive. regards ged
  2. bobthenob

    Outwit the Mossies

    How do you outsmart mosquitoes. The way l outsmart them is to let them know you are not interested in them,and when they land on me while relaxing ,l slowly raise my hand and squash them. Have you noticed also when the light is out they fly around your is one of their jokes to tease you...
  3. B

    Turkish Mossies

    Going to Bodrum on Monday .Would like to know will there be any mossies ,or will they have packed up for the year ? Went to Fethiye last month and did pretty well then got quite a few bites which puzzled me as I had an electonic killer on all the time in the room which is where I think the...
  4. shirleyanntr

    best no mossies zone

    Having lived in almost every area in Alanya and also in Hatay and stayed in many other places i think i have a fair bit of knowledge about these little pests. :dance: this year has been wonderful..we live next to the Can Hospital and i can leave the windows and balcony doors open day and night...
  5. G

    And how are the mossies this year in Akbuk?

    They seem to be there everytime we come over to Akbuk, just wondering how things were this year? Thanks
  6. T

    Fethiye Mossies

    There have been comments on other forums about the need for mosquito protection in the properties and full window upvc fitted mosquito nets have been mentioned. We have had security bars fitted on all windows and doors in our apartment but are reluctant to add mossie frames as well because ...
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