1. L

    Mossie Nets

    Where is the best place to buy mossie nets and is it easy to fit yourself? I only need 3 on windows that passing cats seem to want to get in through. We had one fitted on a bedroom window by our management company which is fine but wondered if its cheaper to do ourselves. I do mean the whole...
  2. bobthenob

    Mossie Sprays

    l have tryed many mossy sprays here in Turkey and found the Turkish one's are not that effective.But the Raid mossy does kill them within minutes. The Detan spray,l find is not that effective and the other blue can Sar To doesn't seem to be that effective as well. Maybe these brands are...
  3. A

    mossie repellant

    Hi We are coming out on 20th Sept and would like to know if you can get the liquid plug in refills for the Raid products as I have just discovered mine is empty. Not much point bringing it if not stocked.Think I bought it in Canary Isles and cant seem to track it down in UK either. Also if I...
  4. G

    mossie nets

    hi ,just wondered if anyone knew of a reasonable(not stupid prices)place i could get a couple of window and a door net done .did get a quote for the door last time i was out ,but think he was taking the pee !! thanks
  5. bobthenob

    Natures mossie repellants

    There’s nothing worse then a plague of mossies to ruin your relaxing holiday,with a face the next morning covered in miniature volcanoes on the face is enough to deter you from stepping in a public place. There are quite a few plants that will deter these horrible high pitch siren creature from...
  6. peter the postie

    Mossie bands at Aldi

    Nice offer today at Aldi Click Here
  7. B

    Mossie net to enclose balcony

    Has anyone got there balcony enclosed with mosquito net, if so can they give me the details of who did the work and a rough cost?
  8. M


    hi all is it fact or fiction that burning citrus candles keeps mossies away at night from your terrace thanks michael :crazy:
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