1. Yogi


    The mosquitos around the M.Pyramids complex seem particulaly bad compared with the rest of Akbuk. My wife got badly bitten when we were out in June and her Mum is out there now and has told us she has also been badly 'got'. I have heard that somebody? (Ayhan? The local Authorities?) has to...
  2. D


    Can anyone tell me what the Mosquitos will be up to in Uzumlu in June - will they be well fed or starving for our blood - we are bringing our 4 year old grandson with us and he may not have the patience to deal with mosi bites - we have "OFF" repellant - am told its the only effective deterrent...
  3. niyaz


    Hi good people, does anyone know which are a good plug in to kill mosquitos. I am going to Dalaman in june and don't want to come back home with mosquito nightmares. Cheers. :dizzy:

    Question about mosquitos.

    Hi We are coming to Yalikavak in April and August this year. Can anybody tell me what the mozzies will be like at these times of year. We were out in October last year and didn't find them too bad - a few bites but nothing major. Any advice will be most appreciated. Janet
  5. M

    Mosquitos in AKbuk

    We are coming to Akbuk with grandchildren in June can anyone recommend deterents for Mossies. I have read about blue light deterent, do they work, or do those plug in things work ???? Thanks MO
  6. N

    Mosquitos in Akbuk

    Hi everyone We are coming to stay in Akbuk in October and wondered if there are usually any mosquitos around at that time. Last year we came last week of October to Altinkum and did not need to use mosquito repellants but not sure if the same in Akbuk. I would appreciate any information Thanks...
  7. P


    Dear All, My wife is very prone to being bitten by mosquitos and has a VERY bad reaction to them - swollen legs and arms, inflamation and infection. She has tried sprays etc but without much success. Last time we were in Altinkum several people told us there was an injection available which...
  8. merlin

    Too many damn Mosquitos....

    The last few days in Akbuk and Altinkum I have seen enough Mosquitos to last me a lifetime. Dont get any at our place in Kusadasi.:D However, I was more than suprised that at Mushtaqs Restaurant (Silk Road) the waiters and Manager, didnt know about the normal Turkish remedy for mossies. You...
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