1. S


    Why do mossies buzz you in the ear when your asleep then disappear ? is it because they are bored and want to play hide and seek?
  2. Fran Dessop

    Mosquitoes this season?

    How are the mosquitoes this season? The weather looks very hot... and it looks like getting hotter. Family out in two weeks time, can't wait. Fran
  3. S

    Avon Skin So Soft as Mosquitoes repellent?

    Does anyone use this against Mosquitoes. I've just come back from Scotland where all the gamekeepers use it against midges and they said that it would also work against mossies. Before I buy, can any one recommend it? BacktoBodrum
  4. K


    just been to dalyan and was told tourists had complained about the spraying to get rid of mosquitoes so they stopped it. somebody please tell me this isn't true! regards
  5. C

    mosquitoes !!!

    could any one help me where to buy mosquito screens for windows in didim and how much thanks x
  6. R

    Mosquitoes in the UK

    There is a lot of reports of a large influx of mozzies in the Uk ,especially the Norfolk area. Experts are saying it is caused by the damp warm weather that we are experiencing also encouraged by patio heaters, and they will be here to stay.It could soon be the norm to go out in the evening...
  7. G


    Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong section. A relative in the US has told me about a contraption for getting rid of mosquitoes outside your property. Basically, it involves fitting a device to a gas cylinder. The device emits carbon dioxide which attracts the mosquitoes to a net and...
  8. Gill

    avoiding mosquitoes?

    We are on a week long property buying visit Oct 23 to 30, and visiting both the Akbuk/Yesilkent area and Yalikavak/Gundogan/Gumusluk area. Which is best for avoiding mosquitoes? Which is best for retiring to and living permanently? We have travelled widely in Turkey in the last few years and...
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